Answers From “I Want To Pick Your Brain”

2005_09radiantI’m doing a bit of a survey right now, called I Want To Pick Your Brain. One of the things I’ve asked is what arty thing respondents would like to know more about.

And now, I’d like to respond to that growing list. First, the things you said you’d like to know that I’ve already covered:

  • I’d like to learn to make simple books.
    I have about a bazillion free lessons on small book making posted at Go Make Something. I also teach a couple of classes on making handmade books and journals. Try Reborn Books, One Pad Art Journals, or X Over Band Journals.

  • Gluebooks.
    There are no techniques or supplies required for gluebooks. Join the gluebooks group on Yahoo, or on Facebook, both of which I moderate. Read the articles I’ve written about gluebooking on Go Make Something. Whip out a glue stick. Glue.

  • Altered books.
    Everything I have to say about altered books right now is in my A Year of Altered Books class. Take it.

  • How to create backgrounds.
    I have a bunch of articles on various background techniques posted at Go Make Something. I’ve also written Basic Acrylic Backgrounds, which is available on Amazon.

Things that are on my radar, and might happen in the near future:

  • Transfers for everything.
    I did a transfer how-to CD years ago. I might turn that CD into a book when I get the chance.

  • Painting with encaustics. Beeswax or collage.
    A beeswax and encaustic class is coming in 2015.

  • Art journaling.
    I’m working up to doing some kind of art journaling class. I don’t quite have a good idea for one yet. My dream would be to do A Year of Art Journaling, like I did A Year of Altered Books.

And then, there’s all this other stuff, which I’m probably not ever going to cover, but maybe you can find out about elsewhere:

  • Using watercolors.
    I think I’m not the best person to teach anything about watercolors, since I’ve always struggled with them. That struggle has been going on for 30 years, so I don’t see myself becoming proficient enough to teach them any time soon. There are tons of videos on YouTube, on all types of watercolor techniques.

  • Proper organization of art supplies.
    I’m totally not the right person to discuss this, because I think organization is overrated. Put stuff where you can reach it, and get on with making things. Eventually, the supplies you need most will end up closest to you, and the things you need least will get shoved aside. This organizational method is probably the reason my workroom always looks like someone tossed a grenade into it.

  • Gelli printing.
    I loathe gelli printing, and can’t wait for it to fade into distant memory. For years, I’ve been doing my monoprinting using glass or plexi. You’d do best finding information on gelli printing on YouTube.

  • Paper mache.
    I think the best place to learn brilliant paper mache techniques is from David Reeder’s videos at Gourmet Paper Mache.

  • Altered art on canvas.
    I don’t really like working on canvas. I find it too mushy for the way I work. I prefer hard surfaces like canvas panels, hardboard panels, or cardboard. I don’t see myself falling in love with canvas any time soon.

  • Beadwork.
    I’m not a beader, and since my eyesight isn’t getting any better, I probably won’t develop an interest in it.

  • Digital collage. The basics of Photoshop Elements.
    I don’t use Elements, which is why I’ve never written much about digital collage. I use PhotoShop. It’s pretty expensive. I’m not sure I want to develop lessons centered around a media that is beyond many peoples’ budgets.

  • Felting
    I’m allergic to wool, and I’m vegan. Both of these prevent me from being interested in felting.

  • Knowing how to better use kinds of paint.
    I’m assuming “better kinds of paint” means “not the craft paint you use”. I use cheap paints. I love them. I don’t see myself investing in more expensive, “better” paints any time soon.

  • How to get inspiration.
    I’m the wrong person to each this, because being inspired is my job. In general, what I do to get inspired is simply roll out of bed. I don’t know how to teach that. If I could bottle it, I’d give it away for free.

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You’ve found the post for the Tenth Day of Christmas, from Lisa’s 12 Days of Christmas.

If you’ve never been here before, this is Ten Two Studios, my business site. I sell digital collage sheets and kits, teach online classes, and occasionally, I offer kits by mail. You should look around a bit while you’re here. Be sure to hit the Free Stuff section.

I like giving things away in exchange for feedback, so you’ll find a little survey below. Fill it out, and include your email address, and I’ll enter your name in a drawing on December 24th for a fat envelope of collage goodies, including about 30 printed sheets from Ten Two Studios.


And, to continue on with the 12 Days of Christmas, here’s the link to today’s goodies.

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New Christmas Light Pendant Kit

2014-12-08-necklacesThere’s just enough time to whip together a simple holiday pendant or two, using the new Christmas Light Pendant kit. Each comes with enough supplies to make two necklaces: one to keep, and one to give away! Grab yours now.

(Psst: if you don’t have time to make one now, grab a kit anyway, and tuck it into the box with your Christmas ornaments, so you’ll have it to make for next year.)

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The Tentative Plan For 2015

ab2014-forwardEvery year at this time, I sit down with a calendar, and my endless lists of things I might like to do some day, and try to figure out a plan to follow in the new year. Here’s the rough plan for 2015:

  • Fewer collage sheets and digital kits.

  • One kit by mail added each month.
  • An altered board book class.
  • A beeswax and encaustic class.

Ten Two Studios will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015. That’s a long run for an online business! Things may get a little quieter here, as I shift my focus to things like work for sale on Saatchi Art, user-supported content through Patreon, and my own growth as an artist, which has been sorely neglected of late.

This doesn’t mean Ten Two Studios will go away. It will just be the place I focus on kits and classes more, and endless digital goodies less. I think there are now SO many places to find digital collage sheets, we’re all just repeating each other. I’d rather put my energy toward things I do better, or differently, than everyone else.

I’d love your feedback, as always. Where would you put your focus if you owned Ten Two Studios?

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Give Thanks Giveaway Winners

Artwork by Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser.

Artwork by Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser.

There were 190 entries in this year’s Thanksgiving giveaway, which I think is some kind of record! Thanks to all those who posted their thankful comments. Reading through entries always makes me a little weepy. There are just so many lovely messages.

Onward to the winners, who have already been notified by mail. I decided, since we were so close to the “if there are 200 entries, I’ll draw 4 names” point, to just go ahead and pick four. They are:

Eve Spaid
I’m thankful that our simple life is enough.

Randi Klugiewicz
I’m grateful to be in a position to help other people.

Rita Mcvey
I’m thankful for having a roof over my head and food on my table. I see all the misery in so many other places and consider myself very blessed.

I am thankful for my dogs, my house, my job and my church family. Namaste!

Congratulations to the drawing winners!

Watch for a new giveaway to appear here during Lisa’s 12 Days of Christmas, which begins on Monday, December 1st.

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Give Thanks Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Look for a winner announcement shortly.

’tis the season to give thanks for all the wonderful blessings of the past year, and for me to give away a fat envelope filled with goodies to entice you to reveal them!

So. Post a comment on this post, telling me the ONE thing for which you are most thankful from 2014, and you will be entered into a drawing for, oh, I don’t know, about 30 sheets of collage images, a baggie full of vintage labels, and, let’s see…oh, some Asian text pages, all of which I’m cramming into this cardboard mailer.


(These may not be the actual collage sheets I just crammed into the envelope. In fact, I’m sure they’re not. But there were 30 of them, and I’m sure are be some in there you’ll love.)

In order to keep this a happy place:

  • One comment per person only, please. Multiple comments will be deleted.

  • Comments that don’t include mention of what you are thankful for will also be deleted.
  • Comments that include “I would be thankful for winning” or any other sort of “pick me” type language will definitely be deleted. Don’t be that person.
  • Try to keep it short. People don’t actually read your comments when you write your entire life story. They skim through it, and think, “gee, I’m glad I’m not that crazy person”. And not in the good way.
  • Mostly: don’t be a jerk.
  • The drawing will be held on Thanksgiving Day, sometime after I put my stuffing-filled pumpkin in the oven. Stuffing. Inside a pumpkin. You totally wish you were having Thanksgiving here, don’t you?

OK. Go!

ETA: Oh. Hey. I totally forgot to say this earlier: if 100 people leave comments on this post, I’ll rake together a second envelope equally crammed full of goodies. If 200 post comments, I’ll rake together a third and a fourth. So, share the heck out of this post!

ETA: We’ve reached 100 comments. There will be two names drawn on Thanksgiving Day. Keep spreading the word.

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