How Classes Work

All classes take place on a private message board here at Ten Two Studios. All classes currently offer unlimited access. Once you register, you will always have access to the course materials.

Classes Come Two Ways

The first time I release a class, I sometimes choose to offer it in small chunks over a period of weeks, with new sections posted each week. Some people like to work in this format, with lessons posted at a regular pace, knowing that they have a goal each week.

Once a class like that begins the first time, I close registration while the class is running. This is so I can focus on moving the lessons into place, answering class questions, and making any additions or corrections necessary in the course materials.

After the class runs the first time, and all the lessons are completed, I may reopen registration for self-paced learning. Students who register for existing classes will work at their own pace, with all materials already visible and posted. Some folks like to wait until they have the time or money to take a class, so this option works better for them.

Sometimes, I just go ahead and release the class into the wild as self-paced right off the bat. Usually, they’re short, quick classes.

In either case, whether you take the class as weekly or self-paced, you will always have access to the class materials posted on the board, and will be able to ask questions and receive help there.

How To Register & Participate

  • First, you’ll need a computer that can view Flash videos, like this one:

  • If you can see and hear that video, you’re good to go! Purchase the class you wish to take, using the Add To Cart button on its detail page.
  • Your payment will generate an email with a link to The Classroom message board. Go there, and register.
  • Within 24 hours (M-F), I’ll log in and approve your registration, and set up permissions for you to view your class. You’ll receive an email letting you know you’ve been approved.
  • Log into the classroom, and check the class board. You should now be able to see the section that pertains to your class. Go to the syllabus post, which should be the very first one on the class board. Instructions and links will be posted there.
  • If you run into trouble, ask questions about the lesson that’s stumping you on the message board. I’ll be around to answer questions.

Previously Asked Questions

Can we take the classes at our leisure or are there specific times on specific days?

If you are taking a new class being offered for the first time, check the schedule posted in the class description to find out when new lessons are posted. Although they’re posted as scheduled, you may work at your own pace.

If you’re taking a self-paced class, all the lessons are already posted on the classroom board. You may work at your own pace.

How long will the videos and lessons remain available to students?

You will have access to the classroom message board as long as it exists. Once you’ve registered, your class will be there as long as I’m here. I’m hoping that’s a really long time :)

I’m not seeing the video above. Is there a free download for Flash?

You have to have Flash enabled in your browser in order to view the videos. Go here:, and follow their instructions for your system and browser.

I’m still not seeing the video on my device. What does that mean?

If you’ve downloaded and installed the Flash plugin for your device, and still can’t view the videos, it’s time to consult a computer professional.

If there is no Flash plugin for your device, you will be unable to view the test video—which means you won’t be able to view the class videos, either. Don’t take the class. Seriously. You MUST have a Flash enabled device to proceed.

When will the class you just posted be available as self-paced?

I cannot tell you when or if any class will be offered beyond its first posting. Some classes simply don’t lend themselves to the self-paced format—and I won’t know that until I take a group of students through the class the first time.

I registered for a class, but don’t have time to take it. Can I transfer my class registration to someone else?

No. Classes are not transferable. Access to the class, the classroom board, and all class materials are granted only to the person who purchased the class. Giving someone else access to those materials will result in the permanent cancellation of your access to the classroom board.