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Orders and Payments
How long will it take for you to fill my order?
Orders are usually filled early in the morning each weekday (weekday means Monday through Friday). If your items are in stock, your order will usually be filled on the next weekday morning after you order it. Most orders are shipped the day after they are placed.

Can I send you cash, a check or a money order to pay for my order?
Sorry, but all orders must be paid online when they are placed. Payment is accepted via PayPal or credit card only. I do not accept payments by mail. I do not accept checks or money orders.

Can I call you with my order, and give you my credit card number over the phone?
All the ordering and tracking for Ten Two Studios is done online, through a secure server. I’m not setup for phone orders or credit card processing offline, and I do not accept customer orders via telephone.

I want to add items to my order, or combine two orders. Can you do that?
Whatever is on the online order form when it arrives in my inbox is what will go into your package. A second order will usually go into a second package, and be shipped separately. It is not possible to reopen an order and add things to it once it has been submitted. It is also not possible to combine orders that have already been placed.

Can I place a wholesale order?
Ten Two Studios does retail business only. No products are currently available for wholesale ordering, and I have no plans to do wholesale business in the future.

I ordered something from you this week, and now it’s on sale. Will you give me the sale price now?
Sale pricing is only available for orders placed on or after the date that pricing is posted. It is not retroactive. Whatever price you pay when you checkout is what the item costs at the time you order it.

How much will it cost to ship my order?
It depends on where you are in the world, and what you purchase. The easiest way to calculate shipping is to add the items you want to the shopping cart, and let the cart calculate it for you.

Why is international shipping so expensive? My item won’t cost that much to ship!
Domestic orders are shipped in free packaging provided by the US Post Office, can be paid for online, and dropped off at a drive-through mailbox. International orders require me to purchase packaging, fill out customs forms, and stand in line at the post office. The international shipping charges at Ten Two Studios factor in packaging costs, and the time cost of having a person fill out forms and stand in line.

Why don’t you ship to Australia or New Zealand?
I suspended shipping to Australia and New Zealand due to an unusually high number of lost packages. Sorry, but I just can’t afford to keep eating orders.

Can’t you ship my package via media mail so it will be cheaper for me?
No. All domestic orders are shipped via Priority Mail—it means free packaging for me, and also a free online tracking number that tells me your package has arrived. The orders are paid for online, and dropped off at the drive through. It’s fast, efficient, safe, and cost-effective.

I’m an international customer, and I want to avoid paying customs on my order. How can I do that?
You can’t. Please don’t email asking if I’ll lie on the customs form to save you money. You must pay the appropriate customs fees if you wish to order from another country.

How much will the customs fees be on my order?
I can’t estimate customs fees for you. They’re dictated by whatever import/export agreements are in place between your government and mine, and have nothing to do with Ten Two Studios.

I don’t like the item I ordered. Can I return it?
Orders for books, digital publications, digital collage sheets, sets and kits, and CDs are non-refundable.

I don’t like the digital product I ordered. Can I return it or get a refund?
Digital products, including sheets, sets, project kits and ‘zines are non-refundable. This includes subscriptions to The Monthly Muse. Once your order has been processed, the sale is final.

I don’t like the class I paid for. Can I get my class fees back?
Sorry, but class fees are non-refundable.

I ordered something and didn’t receive it, or received the incorrect item. What should I do?
When you placed your order, you received an email copy of it. Reply to that email, sending me a copy of it, and tell me what happened. You’ll generally hear back from me in less than 24 hours.

Product Questions
How can I find out about new products when they’re released?
New product announcements are always posted to the email newsletter. If you would like to know when new products are posted, join the mailing list. This low-volume list generates one message a week, and will notify you of all the week’s updates and special features, including those reserved for subscribers only. You can subscribe here.

Can I use your products in items I make to sell?
Please check the Angel Policy for information on how products may be used.

Digital Product Questions
How do I order printed copies of your digital sheets? I don’t have access to a good printer!
I do not provide printing services for digital products, but you can easily have these items printed at any professional print shop or copy center. Some larger businesses like Office Depot or Staples may even offer upload and print services, so you can upload the files you want printed to their site, place your order, and then run into your local store to pick up the finished items. (Check their web sites to make sure this service is offered in your area.) Be sure you have them printed on a color laser printer, on good paper.

How can I open the digital product files I purchased?
All digital sheets, sets, and ‘zines can be opened in an up to date version of Adobe Reader. Because some of these files contain rights management features, they may not open if your copy of Adobe Reader is out of date. Please update your copy of Adobe Reader at the Adobe web site before you try to open your files. (Adobe provides downloads and updates of Reader for free!)

Why can’t I open my digital collage sheets in PhotoShop?
When you purchase digital sheets and sets from Ten Two Studios, you are NOT purchasing images—you’re purchasing a sheet or set, just like you would if you purchased printed products. The digital products are designed to be opened and printed as presented, with no alterations in size or modifications. Most files contain a rights management restriction that prevents them from being opened in any graphics software. They can be opened in Adobe Reader for printing.

At this time, I have no plans to offer digital products other than the Image Collection CDs as image files.

I want to make items from digital sheets for sale. Is there a commercial license for these items?
Please see the angel policy for specific use information.

I bought some digital products from you a while back. Recently, my computer crashed and I lost the files. Will you replace them?
Unfortunately, I cannot provide backup services for digital products. One you have purchased and downloaded digital files, it is up to you to secure them. (I have an external backup drive to ensure that my files are not lost in case of a system failure. Burning the files to a CD or DVD will also secure them against loss.)

I paid for some digital products with my PayPal email address, but I wanted the links sent to my regular email address. Why didn’t they arrive?
The digital product system is completely automated. The moment you hit the pay button at PayPal, the download service sends the appropriate emails to the email address attached to the order. It doesn’t read emails from you asking it to send your links elsewhere. If you want them sent to another address, change your PayPal email to that address. If you can’t do that, you’ll have to pick up the link emails from the email address you use for your PayPal account. I cannot send the links to you manually.

Kit Questions
The kit I wanted is sold out. When will it be back in stock?
Once a kit has sold out, I can’t guarantee it will ever be available again. I explained why in this message.

Can I pre-order the kit I want, or can you put me on a waiting list for it?
No, and no. Announcements about new or restocked kits are posted to my weekly newsletter, and are available from the time they are posted on a first come, first served basis. Keeping lists and sending out individual emails about them just isn’t realistic.

Why won’t you ship the kit I want outside the US?
In general, I limit kits to the US when there is A) a materials issue, B) a weight issue, or C) a packaging issue. If it contains something that won’t ship overseas well, is too heavy, or requires extra packaging, I will not accept orders for that kit from overseas addresses.

Will you sell me the instructions to a kit, rather than the whole thing?
No. Most kits require the exact items I use in them, and the instructions are specific to those items. I won’t sell you something I know will be worthless to you.

Gifts & Gift Certificates
I want to send some of your products to my friend, as a gift. How do I do that?
In order to protect both of us, I do not currently offer gift services. This is to prevent someone from using your name and account to send goods to themselves or a third party. Purchases are sent to the name and address on your order—and if you have a PayPal account, they are sent to the name and address on your account. I will not ship to alternate addresses, nor will I accept requests via email to ship to an address other than the one attached to the account used to pay for your order. Thanks for understanding that this policy is in place to protect us both.

I want to purchase a gift certificate. How do I do that?
As of November 2010, I no longer sell gift certificates. PayPal used to handle gift certificate services for this site, but they weren’t providing a good customer experience, so I stopped using them. If I ever find a good, reliable provider, I’ll start selling them again.

Contacting Lisa
I want to email you about or Go Make Something. How can I do that?
You can’t. The articles posted at Go Make Something are free, and offered without support. I do not respond to messages regarding free content. The articles posted at are my thoughts and opinions, and I don’t feel they require any discussion.

How can I contact Lisa directly?
Unless you know me well enough to email me at my personal address, you can’t. While I am happy to accept emails from customers who have questions or concerns about products purchased from Ten Two Studios, I do not respond to any incoming messages that are not about Ten Two Studios business.

My question isn’t answered here. How can I get an answer?
If your question is regarding Ten Two Studios products, ordering or shipping, please submit it via the address below. If it’s not about Ten Two Studios business, it’s not a question that can be answered through this web site.

Contact Ten Two Studios

If you have a question about a product at Ten Two Studios or an order you have already placed, and it is not answered above, please email tentwostudios at yahoo dot com. Please note that this is a business email address for Ten Two Studios only.