One of my favorite parts of the day is when the mail arrives. I just never know what’s going to be in the mailbox! Here is some of the artful mail sent to me by happy customers:

Want to join in? Send me an empty envelope, decorated with images from Ten Two Studios:

Art in My Mailbox
400 E. Fuller Drive
Euless TX 76039

Your envelope could end up on the front page!

Need help figuring out how to make one? Check out the instructions in the February 2009 issue of The Monthly Muse.


  1. OMGosh – they are all so beautiful! I would not have thought the postal (machines?) would be able to decipher. Very cool!!

    1. As a 30 year postal employee, I’d like to respond to Paulette. The postal sorting machines cannot read those beautifully decorated envelopes. They are kicked out of the mailstream which is powered by optical scanners, barcodes and automated handling.They then must be handsorted all the way down the line. If the postal service gets privatized, these sort of nonmachinable letters will cost you a pretty penny over the standard postage. Sad but true!

      1. Meanwhile, the post office charges the same for these as they do for first class mail—and nobody at my local post office has ever said a discouraging word about any mail art I’ve sent.

    2. I have always loved this site but I never checked the art in the mailbox section. Al of the collages and other pieces are beautiful. I’m gonna give it a try and hope you enjoy as well. Kim

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