White Wedding

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser made this very clever wall hanging using images from the White Wedding digital collage set.

A Woman’s Place

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser used colored walnut ink mixtures on a white piano hinge paper bag book, combined with images from the Color Me Victorians collage set,…

Blessed Ornament

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser made a tiny piece of wall art from a soda can, embellished with one of the Madonna and Child faux postage.

Shadowbox Ornament

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser made this shadowbox ornament using an image from as a transfer.

Season’s Greetings

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser made this lovely postcard using images from the Madonna and Child faux postage sheet and the Christmas Rounds sheet. Today, there are 31…

Doll Angst Journal

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser had a little trouble with her first try at paper doll projects. She turned her paper doll angst into this clever set of…

Skellie Bookmarks

Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser made these bookmarks using paint sample cards, and some Fiesta Skellie Paper Dolls. I love the way their arms hang over the book…