Those of you who have placed orders since September know that there’s a box on the order form of the new shopping cart titled “Tell Me Something Good”. I go through every so often, and run a report that lets me read the comments people leave there. They almost always make me smile. Or laugh. Or, occasionally, spew my tea at the screen…

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little comment love today. These are real comments, lifted from orders, with minimal editing to protect identities and correct typos.

I’m happy to have discovered this site.

You are a very generous and inspiring person, Lisa. Thank you!

I think your artworks are fabulous.

Thanks for all that you share with us!

Sorry this is only 1% of your medical bill. I hope another 99 orders come in soon!
(From someone I know.)

I found you by accident while blog-hopping — a very happy accident!

You just lift me up everyday with something pretty to show. In my world, there is precious little time for doing art, and your kits and printables make it a little easier to “get my s**t together” and actually complete a project.

You encourage my creativity.

Your creations make my heart sing.

You have such beautiful digital sheets. I can’t wait to make something beautiful with them.

I think you have an amazing imagination!

You are wonderful <3 Thank you for all the hard work you do. You know you are awesome! Thank for all the color you put into your art! It took me forever to decide what to finally get on my first purchase - everything is SO awesome! You are a sweet, nougaty ball of super rad coated in fucking awesome sauce and I love your fucking face! That is all. (Also from someone I know. Perhaps a little too well…)

I’m so glad I discovered your site. I love it!!!

Your art is the best. Thanks for providing me with cool, easy stuff to make!!!

Thank you sooo much for putting everything in digital form – from a grateful English customer!

I’m addicted to Ten Two Studios.

Next time you place an order, leave something fun in the Tell Me Something Good Box!

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