2012-01wingedSo, according to last week’s survey, you want more classes! Look for a winged Altoids tin shrine class, and a coloring book art journal page class in the next couple of months.

More survey feedback, and my response:

We want classes on making books!
You’ll find a bunch of those already posted here.

We want altered book classes!
I might be developing an altered book class where we make an altered book together, and learn a bunch of techniques. I’m still thinking about how to do this without turning it into a year-long class. Not that a year-long class is a bad thing…

We want vintage supplies, alterable surfaces, and ephemera!
I no longer sell any supplies, surfaces or ephemera that are sent through the mail, and have no plans to get back into selling them. Sorry, but I’m done with having piles of stuff sitting around the house, waiting to sell—or never selling. I do have digital sheets of vintage ephemera in the $2 Bargain section, but I’m also pretty much done making any more vintage collage sheets for the foreseeable future.

We want more project kits by mail!
I do still plan to sell these, and I have some in the works. I’ll try to get a few of them ready in time for you to make them before Christmas. Unfortunately, kits take a financial investment up front, and my expendable cash for this year is gone. It might take a while to get back to my usual kit a month schedule.

We want more digital sheets!
There will always be more new digital sheets and projects coming. Just not as many as I’ve done previously, because that business seems to have slowed down quite a bit. There are SO many people making digital goods now, so it’s hard to come up with something that isn’t already being done elsewhere. My focus right now is on figuring out how to turn my own drawings into collage goodies. Bear with me while I work this out.

We want you to print sheets and mail them to us!
Sorry, but no. I did that for eight years. I’m done being your printer. Put your digital sheets on a data stick, and take them to Kinko’s or your nearest big box office supply store, and have them do a color laser print for you, on whatever surface you prefer. It’s a better deal for both of us.

We want more themed vintage sheets and sets!
Really? Because there are over 350 of them in the $2 Bargain section. That’s about all the vintage you’re going to squeeze out of me for now. I’m vintaged out!

We want Steampunk!
Sorry, but I’m tired of Steampunk, and since it’s vintage-inspired, I think I’m out of the Steampunk making business for now.

We want more journal page digital kits!
Yes, there are more of these brewing. They’ll just arrive more slowly than sheets have in the past, because I’m drawing everything by hand instead of just scanning or using stock artwork. Bear with me while I work this out. Good things come to those who wait…

We want more swaps! And more My Weekly Thing artwork! And more videos!
The problem for me right now is that while all of those things take up tons of time, none of them generate any income—and I’m currently in a big financial hole, thanks to the medical disaster earlier this year. I would love to play in swaps. I would love to have the time to do more personal artwork, and to do some free how-to videos. Unfortunately, the pile of doctor and hospital bills doesn’t allow much of that right now. But I’m working on that problem…

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