After many weeks of endless data entry, image resizing, and product conversions, this morning, I took a deep breath, deleted the entire Ten Two Studios web site, and moved this new one into place. Whew!

What’s new:

  • A brand new shopping cart. The old site was cobbled together using PayPal shopping cart buttons, and e-Junkie digital delivery. I’ve moved to a single shopping cart that does everything. It’s smaller, faster, and should do away with the constant PayPal cookie errors some of us were experiencing.
  • A new site design that’s responsive. That’s the latest buzzword in web design, and it means that you can view Ten Two Studios on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and most smart phones. Everything resizes to fit the device, adapting with different layouts.
  • More digital products! I’ve converted (or am in the process of converting) all previously printed items into digital ones. With this new site, ALL collage sheets and sets are digital. That means no more shipping costs for anything but kits by mail. Now, all of you tuning in from overseas can join in the fun.

What’s still in the works:

  • Digital kits. I had a lot of these on the old site, and they were sold as sheets or sets, with instructions posted online. I’m in the process of turning these into true digital kits, with instructions included in the downloads. I’ll be uploading as I complete them.
  • Eye candy. To put this new site into place, I had to make the difficult choice to wipe the slate clean, removing all the previous eye candy blog posts. Never fear—I have them archived, and some of them will reappear in the coming months. The design team is also hard at work on new Halloween projects, which will start rolling out daily starting October 1st. Stay tuned!
  • Free projects. I managed to get a couple of these uploaded before the move, and the remaining projects from the old site will reappear soon.

So. Things look just a little bare today, but more is coming very soon.


  1. Wow what a huge endeavor~it looks great! I am very excited about the prospect of obtaining all sheets digitally ( you know the instant gratification/ I need it for my project now mentality). Great job on the new Ten Two!

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