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No, I’m not giving away my Facebook fans! But, to celebrate reaching 1,400 followers, I’m giving away a pile of collage goodies. Specifically, a package of 20 printed sheets and sets, valued at $100.

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  1. I love the crisp cool days watching the colorful leaves falling to the ground. It’s just a feast of color for the soul.

  2. In Australia, Autumn (Fall) comes after a pretty hot Summer … & with this change of climate is such a sweet relief … the ocean currents are warmer for swimming & the air is fresh & cool. Autumn (Fall) is my all time favorite season … wonderful for taking photographs too. 🙂

  3. I really love everything about fall…but my FAVORITE….esp. since I live in Michigan, it would have to be the changing of the leaves!

  4. I love the colors of the leaves on the mountains. They are all harmonious and make a beautiful skyscape.

  5. Halloween & my birthday are in the fall! Love the changing leaves, the crisp smell in the air… it makes me giddy!

  6. Favorite thing about fall…..I like my weekly trips to the park with my dogs Breezy and Sammy to collect fall leaves, twigs and pods. Best. Time. Ever. 🙂

  7. My favorite thing about the fall? Definitely the weather. Hate the heat, hate the cold. Fall is just right.

  8. I love the calming colors, crisp air, the anticipation of winter coming, pumpkins, Halloween, my son and husband’s birthhday. I LOVE FALL.

  9. My favorite thing about fall is the changing colors. The trees are beautiful ~ oranges, yellows, deep reds, gold, etc.

  10. My favorite thing about fall fall! I love everything about this season, the New England color changes, the beginning of the holiday season …. The best part for me is the cooler temperatures, I love my sweaters and sweatshirts.

  11. I live in Florida and I love fall because it is still usually warm and I dont have to worry about going somewhere and not being able to get home because of snow.

  12. I love when it gets dark earlier, when the weather begins to cool. Here in Northern Nevada, the geese begin to migrate, and it’s wonderful to hear them honk as they fly over.

  13. My favorite thing about fall is attending my college homecoming’s bonfire and the smell of smoke that you can’t seem to get out of your hair.

  14. My favorite things about fall are the colors and of course all the delicious foods made with pumpkin.

  15. My favorite thing about fall is being able to enjoy (visually and in my tummy!) all the different varieties of squash and other seasonal produce that are available at this time of year.

  16. I love the cooler weather that fall brings. After putting up with hot summers, us here in the south yearn for the cool weather fall brings.

  17. The colors on the trees where I live are so beautiful and every year I’m still in awe when it happens!

  18. There’s no question fall is my favorite time of year: Beautiful leaves. Cool, crisp air. School begins. Pumpkins seeds. My birthday. Family. Holidays. 🙂

  19. I find it hard to pick one favorite thing about fall- there are so many! I love the smell of the fall here in Central NJ. The sugar maples as they drop their leaves in a brilliant display of colors also leave a sweetness in the air. Our favorite leaves to pile up and let the kids jump in!

  20. I love when the haze and humidity of summer clears leaving a vivid blue sky. That gorgeous blue complements the beautiful colors of the changing leaves making a spectacular landscape of even your own backyard.

  21. One of my favorite things about fall are the beautiful fall colors in nature, especially when the sun is setting and her warm goldenred hue is coloring things even more spectacular!

  22. I love the colors and the cool crisp air. Sometimes it’s warm but then you get a little hint of what’s to come with a chilly morning. It’s kinda’ a relaxing time after a busy summer. Love Fall

  23. My favorite thing about fall is the warm cozy feelings I get.I have evenings where I can relax with a good book,a warm soft throw wrapped around me and pumpkin spiced coffee.Fall is my favorite time to spend with family and friends.

  24. My favorite part of fall is….

    Brach’s mellowcream pumpkins!!! Apparently I have a favorite candy for every season…LOL

  25. My favorite thing about fall is using the wood cookstove in my kitchen/dining room again. I hate cooking on the propane stove I have to use all summer. My second favorite thing about fall is the bleached colors of the fields against the deep blue of a clear sky. Only the greens of new leaves in spring are more welcome to my eyes.

  26. Fall is my favorite season of the year ~~ Pumpkins, falling leaves, cornmazes, maple syrup, cooler nights, planting bulbs, apples and cinnamon, I could go on and on — it also reminds me to be thankful for family, friends and all my blessings.

  27. My favorite thing about fall is taking long walks with my dog, Camille, enjoying the cool air and the colorful leaves!


  28. Fall is my fav because of Halloween-you can make things a little twisted or creepy whereas all the other holidays are “cute!”

  29. My favorite thing about the fall are the hearty meals… chili, homemade vegetable soup, cream of broccoli cheddar soup… oh any kind of soup or anything cooked in my oversized cast iron pot! Throw in a buttery grilled cheese…. divine!

  30. I love Fall because of the cooler weather, the beautiful colors and the food we can eat again like soups and stews and lots of other “warm your insides” foods!

  31. Fall is my very favorite time of year The wonderful crisp air – the apples & pumpkins – the colours of the trees, of my clothes – of the Earth as she readies herself for the deep sleep that will revive and revitalize her.

  32. Fall is my favorite season. When I was a kid it was because of the new school year and the anticipation of a new dress to wear on the first day of school. When I was older it was because of the fall colors and the cooling of the weather. I have to admit to partially choosing the college I went to because of the way it looked in the fall – old brick buildings and lots of trees turning gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges.

  33. I love the several weeks of perfect weather we have in the fall. I also look forward every year to Halloween, candy corn and all things pumpkin.

  34. Fall’s mind blowing palette; the changing leaves; the fall harvest; the crispness in the air, hot chocolate, warm sweaters… how could fall be anything if not my favorite season?

  35. I love all of the changing colors… the leaves, sky, etc… Cooler days are also a blessing.

  36. Those energetic days – you know – the bright blue skies, brilliant leaves, and crisp, clean air! It’s my favorite time of year.

  37. My favourite part of fall is Halloween. I love to see the kids dressed up. The favourite costume for the under 5 set this year was a bumblebee. Cute. I also saw vampires, firemen (wearing Dad’s uniform) and cows ( I live in a farming community!)

  38. Fall…my favorite season. Hallowe’en, comfy sweaters, soup simmering on the stove. Slower days. Soccer’s over so relaxing dinners at home most nights. Time for creating….. Yay!

  39. Fall is my favorite season, cooler temps, being able to wear long sleeves again, and the leaves changing. It makes me feel creative again after a hot busy summer.

  40. I love going to camp in the fall and playing in all the leaves and the really cool patterns the frost makes on the window panes in the chilly mornings.

  41. Of all the seasons I love fall! Why, because orange is my favorite color and it abounds in the fall! 🙂

  42. Living in the Pacific Northwest near the Puget Sound, Fall is my favorite time of year. I absolutely love the warm and vibrant colors of the maple leaves contrasting against the deep greens of the Evergreens. It’s a glorious time of year when temperatures hover around 55 F during the day and dip into the low 40’s at night, and the seasonal (7-8 months) rains are only just beginning. The air is fresh and clean, and there’s still time to eek a few more veggies from the garden.

  43. What I love about fall is the falling leaves, all the beautiful colors in the nature, all the shifting that takes place. And I also like the cooler temperature outside, and waiting to see when the first snow falls.

  44. Everything about autumn — the falling leaves, the shortening days, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos — reminds me of the transience of life. Some would find that morbid; I find it reassuring.

  45. My favorite Fall ritual is the 500 mile + tandem recumbent bicycle tour that my Husband (& Prince!) Dean maps for our 3 week pedaling vacation from our 2 high stress jobs!
    This year I titled our getaway “2012 Vt’s Forever Cycling Duo Fly – By – The – Seat – Of – Your – Pants Tour” as we both edge ever closer to 60 years of age & 20 years of cycling together…

  46. I have 2 favorite things about fall – the colorful leaves, of course, and the cooler weather allows me to use my oven again. I have been roasting everything and baking so much that I don’t need to light yummy scented candles!

  47. I love that almost undefinable smell in the air, from the leaves, the corn being harvested, the misty cool mornings….also pumpkin seeds and finally being able to cook something in the oven.

  48. Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the leaves changing color, and of course, Halloween! I love everything pumpkin-from spiced lattes to homemade pumpkin pie, and even pumpkin pancakes. And with Thanksgiving, it reminds me to be grateful for all of the above and more.

    Thanks for the chance to participate.

  49. There’s something about fall, an energy that lifts me, creatively. Maybe it’s because I taught for so many years. September was the real beginning of my year and I still feel that burst of newness when the leaves begin to change. I have a sense of new beginnings of and renewal. I guess, for most people, Fall is the third season, but to me it is the first. I want to go rake leaves and jump in head first. I want to live with all of my sense.

  50. My favorite thing about fall is I get to go back to the warmth of Florida for the winter!

  51. Wisps of mists as the cool weather arrives covering the mountains. Abundance of color everywhere, pumpkins, corn shucks, hay bales, festivals, crisp apple cider, and the spider webs catch the early morning frost.

  52. My favorite thing about fall is that the days and nights are cooler. I am not a summer person – I hate hot weather. I love being able to bundle up in warm sweaters and my boots and look forward to playing in the snow.

  53. I love the sunsets of the fall. I have no idea WHY they are more colorful, more complex, more breathtaking…. it may be elevated moisture in the air, but it’s probably just dust that creates the magic…

  54. I like the autumn colours of the leaves changing despite having to rake them up. I look forward to daylight saving time so that I can get back that extra hour of sleep.

  55. I love the vibrant leaves, going for walks, the smell of apples and warm cider and making apple butter, applesauce and pumpkin butter. I also love making soups in the fall.

  56. Oops, I left a reply on your facebook. I love the Fall, when after the first big frost, to stand under the trees and watch all the leaves falling, feeling them hit my body and then run around and see how many leaves I can catch in mid air.

  57. Actually, I hate fall and find it very depressing, but we’re right in the middle of the North American Flyway and I love the spectacle of millions of geese, ducks and cranes flying overhead on their way south for the winter.

  58. thank you for the loverly pics and everything you guys do for us and where i live fall is loverly all the colours of the rainbow here.

  59. So, here in Upstate NY looks like fall already passed us by! It was absolutely gorgeous for about 3 days and the winds came a howlin and not we are all in fast rake mode before the white stuff comes down! I have to admit, I did rake up a pile and jumped in with my golden-Chum! What a mess we were afterwards!

  60. I love the cool crisp air. As a redhead, Fall is the end of my having to hide from the sun. I can finally be outside without worrying about being completely covered up. I also love the fresh apples and plums that grow in our back yard, they are at their best at the beginning of the Autumn season. Fall also hold wonderful memories for me, my children, now grown used to love playing in the leaves, and I loved how they smelled when they came in with those beautiful rosy cheeks… Have to tell you, for this Canadian, Fall is my favourite time of the year.

  61. Fall is the most beautiful time of the year………..leaves change colour and give us hues and textures that show how nature celebrates the change of seasons. Beauty in its most natural form.

  62. I’m really a spring/summer person, but my favorite thing about fall is how the color of light changes.

  63. Here in the desert, fall means that it’s finally cool enough to go for walks and bike rides, and generally enjoy the outdoors, after a long, long, LONG summer of excessive heat!

  64. I love the COLORS!! We have a smoke tree, about 50 yeard old, that is absolutley gorgeous in the FAL ….. red, orange, yellow …….. with crunchy leaves! We’ve just been on a trip through the Rockey Mountains in Canada and the hillsides are full of these colors! ….Amen!

  65. Fall is a welcome relief from the hot and humid summers we have here in Florida. The nights are a bit chilly but the afternoons are splendid. There’s a light breeze and the temperature is around eighty with loads of sunshine. I’m at the beach as often as possible!

  66. Fall means to me – pumpkins, falling leaves of many colors, cooler weather, eating pears from dad’s old pear tree – they were really sweet this year.. noticing and watching the squirrels hide the walnuts.

  67. I love pumpkins. Not the fakey-flavored pumpkin this or that, but real pumpkins and squashes.

  68. In California, our Fall can include 80+ degree temperature, but I love the time when it starts cooling off just a little bit. It’s hard to describe but it just a subtle feeling between warm and cool.
    Plus the leaves changing, that is later this year because of the heat.

  69. Taking long hikes in the woods, trees in their full range of orange, yellows , various reds against a bright blue sky. kicking leaves up while walking and watching my dogs so excited about the walk that they run ahead and run back to check on me. Since we live in the woods, early morning coffee on the back porch and watching the deer watching me while they eat the native weeds that I have yet to cut back.

  70. I love the crisp weather when a sweater and jeans are perfect to wear, and as a redhead, thr colors are perfect for me!

  71. I love walking my dog on long walks in the cooler fall weather in the sunshine. Kicking at the leaves on sidewalks while walking is just so youthful and exhuberant.

  72. I love the fact that Fall inspires all our senses…the smell of fireplaces keeping us cozy and warm, the rich colors of the landscape with golds and russets and greens and browns abound; the sounds of birds chirping and squirrels busily scurrying around preparing for Winter; the taste of stews and roasted veggies and squash as we harvest our gardens; the sensual feelings of crunching leaves as we walk and the subtle splash of dew from the trees. It is wonderful to be alive and Smell, See, Hear, Taste and Feel a season!

  73. Love seeing the changing colors of leaves in variations of reds and oranges, enjoying sweet fresh apple cider & crunching down on a juicy honey crisp apple that are only available this time of year.

  74. Living in Wisconsin, how can you not think of fall without visualizing the beautiful gentle fall of brightly colored leaves? I won’t go into the having to rake them up later but, it is my favorite!

  75. I love all the great recipes you can make with pumpkins. Especially chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. My favorite!!!

  76. I love the changing seasons…. after a hot sunny summer, the cozy cocooning of fall is my favorite…. out come the nubby sweaters and flip flops are put aside for another year. My fall favorites are creamy soups, velvet pumpkins, the smell of wood burning and an extra quilt!

  77. The fall apple harvest, anything pumpkin and spice. In Colorado we can expect snow anytime in the fall. so it is great to stay in and create!!

  78. I love the colors of fall, the smells and the cooler temps. Also love 10-2-studios all year.

  79. Two things – warm gloves and woolly jumpers! Oh, and scarves, leg warmers etc – you get the idea! Orange leaves and early sunsets too.

  80. I love the cool crisp air that smells so fresh in the fall. It seems to make the colours much more vibrant!

  81. One of my favorite things about fall is that the cooling weather allows me to take longer walks with my dog. With all the leaves turning, the views during our walks are beautiful.

  82. Leaf peeping in upstate NY is hands down, the number one thing I love about Fall…oh…and pumpkin pie…because I only eat pumpkin pie in the Fall.

  83. In Australia we call Fall Autumn, and I love leaves and their changing hues as they fall to the ground so I can collect them for my compost but my most favourite thing is being able to say “Autumnal” I just love that word!

  84. I love NH in the fall the bright crispness in the air it even smells wonderful with the woodstoves warming the homes. The crunch of native apples and the apple cider all warmed up with cinnamon and cloves scenting the inside air. And the leaves underfoot all different sizes, shapes and colors are so beautiful I want to save them all between pieces of waxed paper to enjoy all year long…

  85. I like the colors of fall, the oranges and yellows and reds, so warm. Also love the nip in the air, that certain feeling of fall in the air.

  86. I love the crunch of fallen leaves of all colors, that make the world just seem like a wonderful place. I love to make apple pie, apple strudel anything apple, just to make my house smell and feel like fall also. Happy Fall to Ya’ll

  87. I love the Fall colours, the feel in the air & going to the farm for apples & donuts!
    thanks for this opportunity. ~Diane

  88. To be truly truly honest I love fall because it is deer season and this gets my hubby out of the house leaving more time for me for myself. More time to read and more time to nap and more time to craft. Ahhhh..

  89. Thanks for offering this, Lisa. I’m already a follower on the FB page. My fav thing about fall is the leaves. I pick them up and press them to use in my art. I always get more than I use so I do craft projects with kids.

    Coleen, an American in Ukraine

  90. Cool, crisp weather. The color changes, leaves flying or floating in the air, crunchy carpet underfoot. Apples, pumpkins, nuts. The feeling of annual transition–for me, it happens in the fall more than at Jan 1. The trademark colors and textures of the season. Hmmm…I really like fall.

  91. Fall for me is harvest time – fruits, mushrooms, nuts etc. And long long walks in the forest, enjoying all colours of the leaves.
    this yellows seems to lighten as if they are christmas trees.
    And then, beginning with the celebration of St. Maarten, the darkness start to come earlier and earlier and the lights are needed more and more in the house. With the top of celebrating the lights is the christmas tree.

    So: fall is one long celebrating of lights, smells and fresh food.

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