It’s been a while since I’ve done a swap here, so I’m happy to announce a new artist trading card swap!

What to Make: 3 artist trading cards. This is a 3 for 3 swap, which means you make 3, and you get 3 in return. Please do not send more or fewer than 3. Please make sure your cards are cut at the standard size of 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches, that the edges are straight and the corners are square (at a 90° angle).

Required Ten Two Studios Products: Each card must include an image from one of the ATC-Sized Sheets.

Theme & Additional Requirements: There is no theme for this swap. Your card designs can all be the same, or different. Please be sure to include your name on the back of the card, so the people who receive your cards know who made them.

Mailing, Packaging & Postage: When your cards are finished, please put them into individual clear trading card sleeves, and mail them, along with an extra return mailing label, to the address that will be provided after you sign up. Return postage is not required.

Due Date: All cards must be postmarked by December 15th, 2012. Cards that are postmarked after December 15th, that do not use one of the ATC-Sized images from Ten Two Studios, that arrive without individual trading card sleeves, or that arrive in poor condition will be returned unswapped.

How to Sign Up: Fill out and send the form below before Wednesday, November 21st Friday, November 30th. SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED

These brave swappers have signed up:
Diane Trew – received 11/29
Corinne Marie – received 11/24
Cathy Webb – received 12/03
Mary Pendergrass – received 12/14
Jackie Neal – received 12/08
Jodi DeGeorge
Corinne Stubson – received 12/10
Michele Hartrick – received 12/10, 12/18
Carolyn Brady – received 12/14
Lori Lee – received 12/14
Liz Hand – received 12/10
Carolyn Huber – received 12/01
LA Smith – received 12/15
Lee Hynes – received 12/04
Julia Donkin – received 11/29
Lori Northon – received 12/15

Carol Hensley – received 12/15, and returned to sender


  1. Would everyone in the swap scan and post what cards they received? It would be fun to see what everyone sent/received.

  2. Dropped my ATCs at the post office last Sunday; if they don’t arrive in time I apologize ~ should’ve allowed extra-EXTRA time due to the Holiday. Mea Culpa! (But hopefully they’ll make it!) Just wanted to let you know I didn’t mean to be a ‘flaker’! 🙁
    Take care and I hope you’ll be feeling better very soon!

  3. Here are mine….vintage! You may have to scroll to find them. 🙂

    ETA: The correct link directly to the ATCs for this swap is here.

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