It’s time to announce the winners of the Facebook Fan Giveaway. 121 people managed to get their entries posted by the deadline—not as many as I’d hoped, give that we’re celebrating 1,400 Facebook followers, but enough for me to have to pick TWO lucky winners.

The winners are:
Annie Bella
Tonya Jastad

Ladies, please send your mailing address to TenTwoStudios at yahoo dot com by Friday, November 16th to claim your prize.

I’m pretty sure there will be another giveaway next month.


  1. Oh poop, I didn’t win….I really felt LUCKY this time too….congrats to the two winners; hope you have fun with your stuff! Thanks for having the giveaway, Lisa; looking forward to your next one and hope that more people participate so you can keep having them!

  2. I had hoped it would have been me but CONGRATS to you, anyone who wins is very lucky. Thanx Lisa for being so generous and thoughtful.

    Luv your stuff

  3. Lisa thanks for the giveaway contest… i dont think i got entered my own fault but also THANKS for the free stuff at checkout no purchase needed.
    I looked around for a thank you spot there… but my old eyes couldnt find it so thanks for all you do and give out… love your art.

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