Since everyone seems to be enjoying the Take What You Need signs I’ve been designing, I uploaded a new Christmas-themed one today. It’s free. All I ask is that you say thank you when you download, either by writing it in the “Tell Me Something Good” box on the checkout form, or by replying to your download link email. Just a thank you. That’s all I need.

I hope, in the face of the frenzied buying blight that will descend on the US this evening, that you will take time to give something you made to someone else. And here’s why:

When I was a child, I lived far away from both sets of grandparents, so holidays were often done by mail. Every Christmas, my mother would ask me what I was sending, and every year, I would make something. Felt bookmarks. Hand print cards. Ceramic ashtrays. All the typical kid craft staples were lovingly sent to my grandparents. As I grew, the gifts showed each of my newly-acquired skills. Sewing. Embroidery. Painting.

My father’s mother died when I was 16, and my parents flew to Florida to attend the funeral, and help pack up some of her things. When my mother opened my grandmother’s top dresser drawer, she found, carefully wrapped in white tissue paper, every handmade gift and card I’d made for her, lovingly preserved.

Never underestimate the power of the things you make, people.


  1. Your story brought tears to my eyes! It reminded me if when my grandma died and she had kept every letter and gift I had sent to her! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your generosity!!

  2. What a sweet story. When I was a child I had a great-aunt who was unmarried and had no kids of her own. She made the most wonderful crafts, handmade dolls, crocheted creatures, afghans. I still have many of the things she made and I am 48 now. Thanks for the reminder that handmade gifts are often more precious than we realize when we give them.

    Thanks for sharing the Take What You Need signs. I enjoy them a great deal!

  3. This is gorgeous Lisa, thank you so much. I’m going to print out a couple and put them in the kitchens at work – there are so many sour-faced people there that I’m sure they need cheering up xx

  4. Thanks for the inspiration to create. Your words are powerful. Wishing you kindness and creativity this Christmas season!

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