Each year, I ask readers of this blog to set some creative goals for the new year. And it’s time, once again, for me to bribe as many of you as possible to put your creative hopes and dreams for 2013 into writing—because writing them down makes them real.


How To Enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, telling me what your creative goals will be. Decide to conquer a technique or medium, learn a new skill, or set aside more time for personal artwork, and put your decisions in writing. One comment per person, please, and your comment must be limited to goals for creative pursuits. COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED!
  • On January 1st, I’ll close the comments on this post, and draw names from the list of people who have posted resolutions. Each name I draw will win a fat package of collage goodies from Ten Two Studios.

  • Here’s where it gets interesting: If 25 people leave comments, I’ll draw one name. 50 comments, two names. For every 25 comments, I’ll draw another name, and send another package of collage goodies. So, spread the word, because the more people who make resolutions, the more stuff I’ll give away. Post a link to this post on your blog, or email it to your favorite online art groups.


  1. Oh, Wow! I have so many things I want to get done –and so little time! Actually, time is the only thing I have going right now. I want to finish so many of my unfinished projects — I want to start (and keep up) a Journal of my thoughts and ideas–I want to create more watercolor paintings and cards, and to leave something for each of my great-grandchildren to remember me by!
    I saved so much for now that I will never live to complete them all — but in 2013 I will do my best!

  2. My goal for 2013 is to conquer my fear of art journals and to set aside at least 15 minutes every day to work on it.

    Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful 2013

  3. During 2013 I want to increase my skills in digital collage, especially with art journaling. I also want to take time to learn some mixed media techniques using paint and other other textures to create backgrounds for my work. With the mixed media my main goal will be to play and get my hands dirty. I am also going to delve into using my airbrush, which I’ve never tried, and creating some 3D shadowboxes using found objects. I’ve got the time, just need to focus.

  4. I want to complete the following journals that I have been collecting stuff for:
    A tea journal since I like to drink tea and collect the teabags and tags. It will also contain inspiration saying.
    A purple journal since it is my favourite colour and feature all the purple stuff that has attracted my eye. I will use my favourite paper crafting techniques in it.
    My life scrapbook to give my sons a sense of who I was growing up and to have an official place for all my childhood photos.
    And to resolve to inventory purchases as they come in and organize them properly.

  5. I want to stop sorting out my stash and start using it. I seem to be sorting through my stuff constantly and I can never remember were I put things. I want to do more art journaling and I’d like to get some canvas and make some wall art.

  6. My main creative goal for 2013 is to learn to crochet. I have instruction books, pattern books, yarn and hooks – I just need the time and focus! I’d also like to do some altered books – I’ve amassed a lovely pile of hardback books and want to take Lisa’s class and go to town on them! 😀

  7. My goal for 2013 is to begin a journal for the year and continue writing in it what my path is and the feelings I have during the moments of time…
    I will begin the RN to BSN program so it will entail professional ideas as well as the spiritual path I have been on for a while now…
    I put together a journal of “things” I went through this year and another goal is to write thoughts related to those items I collected. (Concert tickets, stickers from produce, name tags from various venues, invitations, labels, etc)
    Sarah has the same ideas as I have with passing things down, too…

  8. My creative goal for the coming year is to work in my art journal every day even if it is only for 10 minutes!

  9. The one thing I really want to accomplish in the coming year is to redo my wedding album/ scrapbook. In February it will be 13 years and I never finished it and what I did get done is just really bad. (I also never started our honeymoon album- but one thing at a time!)
    I want to make more ATCs- I love them but rarely make any.
    I want to make more art to decorate my (rather bland) apartment.
    Lastly, I need an organizational overhaul. You know your system is no longer working when it takes longer to find something than to use it.

  10. My creative goal for 2013 is to begin working bigger! I love atc’s and have tried so many techniques and would love to break free and work on larger canvases. I also resolve to feel comfortable calling my art – real art.

  11. As much as I enjoy swaps, I’d like to spend more time on art for myself. I will be painting my work room this coming year and I want to have an area on one wall just for my art. Maybe nail up rows of small shelves where I can prop stuff up. Easy to change things out when the mood hits. My own little art gallery!

  12. In this coming year I want to get my inspiration back! After a very bad year I want to get motivated and get back to my journals!

  13. Still in the purge stage of my life. Many unfinished projects have surfaced as I clean. Any worthy of finishing are in a pile awaiting their completion. I resolve to finish them this year. And to use some of my new in 2012 purchases to do so. Then on to new projects, like altered books and finally scrapping some of my photos.

  14. My creative goal is to create some Day of the Dead personal shrines to honor those who’ve I’ve lost. I want to create one for my grandfather and father. I also want to find time to feed my creative soul at least 1 day a month by hiding out in my craft nook with a good glass of wine and lots of embellishments.

  15. My main goal for 2013 is to delve in and complete my altered book series on boats and sailing. I decided on this project a year ago and have shied away from it due to creative block but this is the year to set some time aside to actually get it done. I’ll start with altering Stevenson’s TREASURE ISLAND and go from there. It will be stamping, collage and mixed media artwork. Wish me luck!!

  16. I’ve been meaning to organize travel journals & ephemera from trips going back more than 10 years ago. 2013 is the year I organize each trip into its own decorated treasure box!

  17. I want to get back to my blog, do more swaps, and weave some projects that I have been wanting to do: like beautiful high end scarves and wall hanging.

  18. I’m another who’s determined to finally learn crochet, I’m going to challenge myself to make at least one collaged item each week and also to at least have a go at all the crafts I’ve bought supplies for and not yet tried – glass tile pendants, and make vintage themed cards and atcs to send out with any of my beadwork when I sell it.

  19. Im going to attempt making some steampunk lamps + clocks
    Also working on steampunk altered shrines. More doin instead of just thinkin lol

  20. Years ago I bought an old school library table and it has ended up somewhere else. My goal is to make room for it (will have to be right in my living room area) and get it set up to start making art! Currently, I do my drawing on my lap, and any painting standing at my kitchen counter. I want to do collage, more painting, and try the many altered art techniques I’ve been admiring.

  21. This year, my goal is to create 2 quilled paper projects (a new skill for me) and to work on very basic origami shapes (2) with my 3 year old daughter. I also want to create a bird mobile for my 4 month old (made of paper birds). I have also taken up deliberate, daily “doodling” as drawing practice and I want to continue that. 🙂

  22. I would like to do more “messy” art–think/organize my artwork less, and just “do” more and see what happens. I would also like to complete a large collage/mixed media piece to hang in my bedroom. I have all the materials for it and intended to do it this past summer, but a major job upheaval got in the way, so it’s my goal to complete it this coming summer.

  23. I want to consciously block out time for combining art-making with spirituality. It’s time to stop reading about making crosses, praying in color, prayer looms, etc. and just start DOING IT !

  24. *Finally finally brave the art journal.
    *Reduce/rework/re-imagine WIPs.
    *Use materials on hand.
    *Mixed media, metals, painting, collage explorations and skill-building.
    *ATCs, scrapjournal daily life, more my art in my environments.
    *Set up dedicated workroom.


  25. I need to become a more faithful blogger and post more pictures and ATCs. I also want to learn how to knit. I love to crochet but never learned knitting. I tried to teach myself with bad results. I need another lefty to help me.

  26. I want to finish ALL my dollhouses so (years from now?) when I’m gone, my kids and grandkids and great grandkids won’t say “why did she have all these if she wasn’t going to finish building them”?

  27. Wow! I was off to a good start with creativity this year then the freelance got on a roll and it slid off before I could reorganize. So my plan is to regroup so I have time for both work and play. Starting with digging out my Studio next week and reclaiming my work area.
    I want to get back to my art journals and learn creative lettering
    Do more altered canvas pieces
    Have my homemade cards created and ‘mailed’ on time! LOL
    and I have 3 scrapbooks I want to do… which will clear out a lot of stuff out of the studio.
    Be more creative with my art blog.. not just about stamping but all aspects of the art world that attract me.
    Get better with my camera.

  28. I have started many beginning beading projects in the last 3 years, but never finished one. Ever. Time to focus in and FINISH one.

  29. For 2013, I’m gonna try to set aside time each day for some kind of art. I have several art journals, many collage images, surfaces, and ornaments that I can work on.

    The other thing I’m gonna work on is clearing the table as soon as I’m done creating for the day. (I have a bad habit of leaving supplies out for days at a time, and right now the dining room table is also my art table.)

  30. I want to start and keep a journal for the complete year even if I only have only hi and good-by for some days! Most of all I want to complete some of the many altered art books I have started and put aside to start another and put that one aside to start another. I will start my cross stitch again as I am very good at painting with DMC thread and make beautiful art to hang on my walls. How many hours are in a day? Merry Christmas and best wishes for a beautiful and peaceful New Year.

  31. This year i want to spend more time on trying different compositions for my cards. There are a lot of techniques one can use but for the end result it is so important how all the elements come together.

  32. My objective is to to something artsy EVERY day. Maybe not realistic .. but that the goal. I’m happy with ten to fifteen minutes …..

  33. I would like to start an art journal. I often wake at silly o’clock with ideas for jewellery designs. If I keep a journal next to the bed I can write it down or do a rough sketch and go back to sleep!

  34. I want to make art every day-it usualy only lasts til the end of January.maybe i can aim to the end of February this year.So little time so much I want to do!!!!

  35. Along with my regular ‘can’t get enough of arting’, I plan to mosaic a wall in the house that we’re heading to the States to buy next month. We’ll have 2 residences in two different countries in 2k13…so I’ll be thrilled when I accomplish this goal. It’s something I always wanted to do at the last house we owned and never got around to. Now, after renting for 5 years…I’m ready to do whatever I WANT to the walls, ceilings, floors…etc!!! WOO HOO!!!

  36. I am resolving to leave less unfinished art around and strive to find reasons to finish art that I start this year!

  37. My creative goals for 2013 include learning to fuse glass, making a weekly date with my art journal, and making at least one mixed media canvas a month. I also want this to be the year that I alter my late mother’s copy of Anne Morrow-Lindbergh’s “A Gift from the Sea.” It was Mom’s favorite book, and to honor ten years since she passed away, I want to alter it with photos, notes in Mom’s handwriting, and other items that relate to themes of the book.

  38. Definitely finishing off several paperbag books before I start another one is a BIG priority, As Soon As Possible! Also organizing my supplies, especially my rubberstamp collection, and dig out my studio! And I want to work in my Gluebook (not just pull stuff and add it to the ‘pile’!) Way more ideas than time, but this is a start!!!

  39. I resolve in 2013 to finish off the art projects I didn’t complete in 2012, and to put aside 15 to 20 minutes every day to do something artsy… art journal, glue book, ATC or collage…using only the items in my current stash.

    As it’s Christmas Eve, I would like to wish everyone who celebrates it a Merry Christmas, and to everyone May You See At Least Some of Your Dreams Come True in the Coming Year.

  40. Instead of just looking at my watercolor paints, I want to start using them in my art journal

  41. I am hoping to continue improving my needle felt skills – I am starting a new poetry journal as well as a daily (or so) art journal – my series of 8 X 10 paintings should be complete by January’s end. Most of all I hope the pain issues of the last 12 years will be under enough control so I can become the artist I was becoming – selling my artwork and teaching
    Happy Holidays

  42. I have several goals for 2013: I will set up my new studio in January; I will make art on my days off from my part-time job; I will post to my blog once a week; I will open an etsy shop and supply it with my art.

  43. I am going to set aside 15 minutes a day for creative warmups and I am going to use more of my stuff and stop doing watercolor all the time.

  44. My goal this year is to pursue the art of papercutting and to get my foot in the door as an illustrator of children’s books.

  45. I will go down to the basement and get out the box that has soldering equipment in it (that I asked my husband for two years ago but have still never used) and conquer my fear of screwing up and learn to do it well! And while I’m at it, I will get out my watercolours and stop just messing around and concentrate on learning the proper methods and techniques. And on January 1st I’ll start the first page in a new art journal and keep it current for the entire year!

  46. I have two goals for 2013. The first is to create at least 1 ATC every day in 2013, and the other is to post an art journal layout on my new blog at least once a week in 2013. Lofty? Perhaps, but I hope to do it none the less. 🙂

  47. My goal for 2013 is to stop PLANNING to do mixed media art and start DOING it. I have been watching alot of how to videos and feel like I know the basics but I have been fearful that I will not be good enough. But my desire for the coming year is to do it anyway…Ii am pretty sure practice is the key.

  48. I’ve been thinking alot about this lately. This year I want to do more with my creativity. I do and us so many things from crochet to art journaling.. and about everything inbetween. This year I want to doccument every day what I am doing. What all I have done. And what all I have tried. I am hoping to journal every day.

  49. One important goal I have this coming new year is to USE those special, unique, one of a kind pieces or items that you’ve collected and squirreled away for years, just waiting for the right time and place to use. I’m going to use my special treasures and nick nacks instead of becoming so attached to them that I don’ t want use them! I know that sounds crazy and is hard to understand, but in my heart, it was hard to use the original handwritten love letters from my great grandfather to my great grandmother, or the original newspaper marriage announcement of my Mom and Dad, in pieces of art (Mix Media is my main interest!). I had a problem letting go… until that day in Nov. I no longer had a choice, a horrible fire took from me everything I held dear! In one flash all my years of collecting was gone! After the shock, I actually had to search my soul to see if I even wanted to continue with my art!…Well, that was a no brainier, of course I did, it’s in my blood! but, this is what has lead me to my 2013 resolutions! I am going to learn how to make quality reproductions of original materials that I would like to keep and become more comfortable using my collectables and personal items in my pieces! I learned the hard way that… if you don’t use it and enjoy it, you might lose it and no one will ever get to enjoy it or see what beauty you saw in it to include it in your art work! I’m looking forward to the new year and to the NEW ME!

  50. I want to spend more time on art journalling and try to develop a style that is “me” and to learn how to use all the lovely media i have collected.

  51. Goals for 2013: first I need to clear my craftroom from my Christmas stuff and tidy my room to get new things in, for I want to learn how to do more about art journaling, collage and canvas art. What techniques to use and how to apply this in the book.

  52. I’ve already started my creative journey for 2013 by signing up for two classes at the community college–calligraphy and advanced mixed media–that start next week! I can’t wait! I hope these two classes inspire me to begin creating the type of mixed media that inspires me. I’m excited and getting ready. I’ve sorted (I wouldn’t dare say organized) my stash by color and type and cannot wait to get started. Wish me luck!

  53. I goal this year is to combine original artwork with digital artwork. I also want to spend time on all the classes that I sign up for and to complete the assignments. There are so many talented people giving these classes that I want to get the most out of them. Mary

  54. My creative goal number one is to make a written plan for organizing my studio, then rearrange the room to make it easier for me. Number two is to try a new technique or product every month….and number three is to post to my blog more often….and I can’t forget number four….to finish my DaVinci book class…lol!

  55. I want to set aside some time everyday to do something creative. It feeds my soul and I do not do enough of it.

  56. I want to finish carving out space in our ’empty nest’ daughter’s room so she can still sleep in her room & I can find what I want when creating.
    I want to try to use a new technique at least 1 time every month.
    I want to finish the half done jewelry projects especially for Valentine’s Day – the necklace for my daughter.
    Post regularly in my graditude calendar. If I can do these things, it will be a good year.

  57. Where to start? I WILL finish the rewrite in my book by the end of March. I intend to start making some ATCs again. I miss the adorable little works of art. And I bought myself some oil paints to play with, plus some little canvases to decorate on. I want to conquer crochet this year and learn a new chain maille weave. And I’m doing the earrings a day challenge again in January. And finally, I fully intend to finish up or do a project a month for Christmas. Every year I say I want to do this or that and then run out of time. Not this year. Summer will be stocking making months!

  58. I intend to lose at least 150 pounds…….. of old books in the garage…..

    by turning them into altered books, whether journals, purses, booksafes, or bookshelves…

  59. I had already been thinking about this for the past month & had decided to make a serious committment to change how I’ve been approaching art…since my current approach wasn’t working I clearly needed to do something different. Hoping that writing it here will keep me honest. Here it goes:
    This year art will be my primary focus, particularly in the area of acrylic & watercolour painting.
    My goal is to spend more time actually creating art in 2013. I commit myself to create time for art by not wasting my precious time on unimportant matters
    I commit to using the time I otherwise spend browsing the internet & investigating new techniques. I will use that time to practice & become proficient in my art, which will give me the confidence to tackle subjects I love and complete whole works, not just exercises.
    I will organise just enough so that I can create art at any time without spending time searching for my tools & mediums.

  60. I want to do so much. But this year i want to improve my
    face drawing and lettering techniques for art journaling

  61. My goal for 2013 is to learn as many new techniques as possible…to take classes with Joanne sharpe, sue Pelletier, donna downey and anna dabrowska at the arthousestudio in my area. I want to continue art journalling every day. I want to just imagine and create. We are only limited by our imagination.

  62. My goals are to take at least one class per month at my local shop. I also want to put aside 15-20 mins per day to journaling and work on filling all the journals I have made. Lastly I would like try teaching a class this year.

  63. I dabble in lots of kinds of crafts, but I would really like the FINISH the scrapbooks that I’ve started over the last 10 years! My resolution is to use as much of the supplies that I have, before buying more! It’s a hard resolution for any crafter!!

  64. I need to get over this barrier of being afraid to journal. I love the idea of it. I love other people’s beautiful work, but I can’t seem to start mine. So, this year, I resolve to take the plunge into art journaling and make it a regular part of my life.

  65. My goal for this year is to blog my journey. I plan to develop tutorials on making glue books and art journals specifically for people who are disabled with limited mobility and energy, crafting on a limited income, and how the therapeutic benefits of creating can help with anxiety and depression.

    My long-term goal is to provide an online creative community for people who are bedridden or housebound.

  66. I want to take some online art journaling classes and complete an art journal. I also want to improve my drawing skills and get more deeply involved with my writing again through art journaling.

  67. it is 11:54 here in Az on the 31st. I hope this makes it in on time…

    I plan to complete one art project a month.

    I also plan to spend more time reading art blogs and less time at work.

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