A Year of Altered Books

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This 13-month self-paced class focuses on one group of altered book techniques each month. This is a good class for those new to altered books who want to jump-start their skill set. It can also be used as a monthly incentive for those already familiar with altering to haul out their books, and work some pages using that month's techniques.

(Be sure to check out the gallery of some of the sample pages done for the class. Just click on one of the little thumbnails images to get a larger view.)

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About Pricing

This is a Pay What You Want class. The class is well worth $300, but I realize that is out of the question for many folks, so please pay what you can, according to your means. The minimum price to take this class is $24, which works out to $2 per month, but you can pay $24-$300, as you wish. Pay what you think a year's worth of altered book technique lessons from me is worth. Think of anything you pay over $24 as encouragement to offer more classes this way.

What You'll Learn
Some of the subjects that are covered in this class:
  • backgrounds
  • images and transparencies
  • fold and tie elements
  • waterfall pages
  • storytelling
  • incorporating words and text
  • found poetry
  • using masks
  • adding pockets
  • building tag structures
  • tipping-in pages and elements
  • cutting niches
  • adding shadowboxes and shakers
  • fold-out pages
  • simple pop-ups
  • covers

A Year of Altered Books is presented using over 14 hours of video lessons, 3 hours of video speed throughs of pages being created, and monthly challenges. There are also some patterns, templates, and images included. There's just no other way to say this: when you come out on the other side of this class, you will know a boatload about altering books!

This is an example of a video lesson, on practice books:

(Don't worry: you don't see very much of me during this class. Mostly, it's just my hands at work, and my voice.)

This is an example of a speed through video, showing the creation of a page, from start to finish:

Materials List

This class requires very few basic supplies.

  • Books - Don't buy any until you've viewed all the introductory lessons.
  • Gesso - A bottle of white gesso will get you started.
  • Craft acrylic paints - What ever you have on hand will be fine.

If any other specific supplies are required, I usually indicate them in the first lesson of the month, but this really isn't a product-oriented class. The focus is on techniques.

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