A Year of Art Journaling

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This 13-month self-paced class focuses on a different style of art journaling each month. This is a good class for those new to art journals who want to jump-start their skill set, as well as those who want to develop their own art journaling style. It can also act as a monthly prompt for those already familiar with art journaling to pull out their journals, and work some pages using that month's styles and techniques.

(Be sure to check out the gallery of some of the sample pages done for the class. Just click on one of the little thumbnails images to get a larger view.).

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About Pricing

This is a Pay What You Want class. The class is well worth $300, but I realize that is out of the question for many folks, so please pay what you can, according to your means. The minimum price to take this class is $24, which works out to $2 per month, but you can pay $24-$300, as you wish. Pay what you think a year's worth of art journaling lessons from me is worth. Think of anything you pay over $24 as encouragement to offer more classes this way.

What You'll Learn

Some of the subjects that are covered in this class:

paper and surfaces
layered backgrounds
working with images
over painting
mark making
words and lettering
using coloring pages
spattering, spraying and dripping
mastering color

A Year of Art Journaling is presented using over 12 hours of video lessons, 2 hours of video speed throughs of journal pages being created, and monthly challenges. When you come out on the other side of this class, you will know a lot more about art journaling!

Materials List

This class requires very few basic supplies, like gesso, old magazines, and craft paints. There are some December introductory lessons that cover what types of paper and journals you'll need, and what supplies you'll need, but like most of my classes, this one is about techniques and styles, not products.

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