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Learn how to create colorful pieces and pages, using a simple, infinitely remixable technique. Working on journal pages, cardboard, canvas panels, or watercolor paper, you'll learn how to paint, scribble, and stamp with found objects, to create finished pieces that are vibrant and fun! You'll also learn a little bit about composition, and creating beautiful color palettes.

No drawing or painting experience required. Over 4 hours of video lessons, and 11 fast motion videos showing pieces from start to finish will guide you through the process of creating using this technique.

This is a self-paced class. Before registering, please read How Classes Work.

These pages and pieces are made with a few basic supplies. They don’t require a big investment of time or dollars.

Materials List
A complete materials list will be available on the classroom message board. My classes tend to emphasize techniques rather than products. Here are the basic items you'll need:

  • White gesso
  • Magazine images
  • Collage ephemera
  • Acrylic paints
  • A charcoal pencil
  • A glue stick
  • A brayer
  • Old credit cards
  • Pens, markers, or crayons
  • Cardboard, canvas panels, watercolor paper, or your art journal

About Pricing

This is a Pay What You Want class. The class is well worth $50, but I realize that is out of the question for many folks, so please pay what you can, according to your means. The minimum price to take this class is $10, but you can pay $10-$50, as you wish. Pay what you think a class that teaches you to get a handle on your color palettes is worth to you. Think of anything you pay over $10 as encouragement to offer more classes this way.

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