2005_09radiantI’m doing a bit of a survey right now, called I Want To Pick Your Brain. One of the things I’ve asked is what arty thing respondents would like to know more about.

And now, I’d like to respond to that growing list. First, the things you said you’d like to know that I’ve already covered:

  • I’d like to learn to make simple books.
    I have about a bazillion free lessons on small book making posted at Go Make Something. I also teach a couple of classes on making handmade books and journals. Try Reborn Books, One Pad Art Journals, or X Over Band Journals.

  • Gluebooks.
    There are no techniques or supplies required for gluebooks. Join the gluebooks group on Yahoo, or on Facebook, both of which I moderate. Read the articles I’ve written about gluebooking on Go Make Something. Whip out a glue stick. Glue.

  • Altered books.
    Everything I have to say about altered books right now is in my A Year of Altered Books class. Take it.

  • How to create backgrounds.
    I have a bunch of articles on various background techniques posted at Go Make Something. I’ve also written Basic Acrylic Backgrounds, which is available on Amazon.

Things that are on my radar, and might happen in the near future:

  • Transfers for everything.
    I did a transfer how-to CD years ago. I might turn that CD into a book when I get the chance.

  • Painting with encaustics. Beeswax or collage.
    A beeswax and encaustic class is coming in 2015.

  • Art journaling.
    I’m working up to doing some kind of art journaling class. I don’t quite have a good idea for one yet. My dream would be to do A Year of Art Journaling, like I did A Year of Altered Books.

And then, there’s all this other stuff, which I’m probably not ever going to cover, but maybe you can find out about elsewhere:

  • Using watercolors.
    I think I’m not the best person to teach anything about watercolors, since I’ve always struggled with them. That struggle has been going on for 30 years, so I don’t see myself becoming proficient enough to teach them any time soon. There are tons of videos on YouTube, on all types of watercolor techniques.

  • Proper organization of art supplies.
    I’m totally not the right person to discuss this, because I think organization is overrated. Put stuff where you can reach it, and get on with making things. Eventually, the supplies you need most will end up closest to you, and the things you need least will get shoved aside. This organizational method is probably the reason my workroom always looks like someone tossed a grenade into it.

  • Gelli printing.
    I loathe gelli printing, and can’t wait for it to fade into distant memory. For years, I’ve been doing my monoprinting using glass or plexi. You’d do best finding information on gelli printing on YouTube.

  • Paper mache.
    I think the best place to learn brilliant paper mache techniques is from David Reeder’s videos at Gourmet Paper Mache.

  • Altered art on canvas.
    I don’t really like working on canvas. I find it too mushy for the way I work. I prefer hard surfaces like canvas panels, hardboard panels, or cardboard. I don’t see myself falling in love with canvas any time soon.

  • Beadwork.
    I’m not a beader, and since my eyesight isn’t getting any better, I probably won’t develop an interest in it.

  • Digital collage. The basics of Photoshop Elements.
    I don’t use Elements, which is why I’ve never written much about digital collage. I use PhotoShop. It’s pretty expensive. I’m not sure I want to develop lessons centered around a media that is beyond many peoples’ budgets.

  • Felting
    I’m allergic to wool, and I’m vegan. Both of these prevent me from being interested in felting.

  • Knowing how to better use kinds of paint.
    I’m assuming “better kinds of paint” means “not the craft paint you use”. I use cheap paints. I love them. I don’t see myself investing in more expensive, “better” paints any time soon.

  • How to get inspiration.
    I’m the wrong person to each this, because being inspired is my job. In general, what I do to get inspired is simply roll out of bed. I don’t know how to teach that. If I could bottle it, I’d give it away for free.

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