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Each December, I try to look forward, and make a plan for the coming year. It helps me to put into words what I want to do next. Maybe it will help you too? I’m willing to bribe you to see if it will.


Your Mission:

Leave a comment on this post, telling me, in one sentence, one creative goal you have for 2015.

One comment. One sentence. One goal. That’s all.

Your Bribe:

I have one last pack of about 30 collage sheets left. On January 1st, I’ll draw a name from all the valid comments left on this post. The winner will get a fat envelope filled with collage goodies, including those sheets.

OK. Put it in writing…

ETA: Seriously, people. ONE sentence. ONE goal. Nothing else.


    1. Hi Lisa, My goal for 2015 is to make such great progress in my new miniatures hobby that i will have to pinch myself to believe it!!!!

    2. My goal is to draw each day my progress in recovering from breast cancer, so over the time i have documented it.

    3. Hi Lisa, Happy 2015 to you! My goal/resolve will be to spend less time on YouTube and websites “researching”, and more time at the “art table” doing!

    4. Lisa, I plan to work on a consistent basis [minimum 6 hours recorded in a week ] with new or old techniques; in addition to the monthly book page swap in ABC club.

  1. Make and give more handmade gifts (not just for birthdays and Christmas) but ‘just because’!!!

  2. My goal is to make at least one handmade item a month to give to someone for no particular reason.

  3. My goal is to stretch myself creatively by no longer saying ‘I always wanted to do that’ and just do it.

  4. For 2015, I have a two part goal: explore a different technique in my art journal or on canvas every month and to create a piece of art, of some shape and size, every day.

  5. My creative resolution is to make all my cards in 2015 using up as many embellishments from my stash as possible and include a small handmade gift in each card whether it be birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even a surprise friendship card.

  6. I’m going to start my homemade Christmas gifts (altered journals and crocheting) earlier this year.

  7. Because I just moved my goal is to arrange my art room into a coordinated space that is conducive to my creative process.

  8. I’m doing one of those projects where you make something every day (like A Skull A Day) only I’m doing a flower a day; either a 3D paper flower, or a rubber stamped flower, painting, doodle, etc.

  9. In 2015 when I go out walking for my physical health, I will also tend to my creative health each time by taking a snapshot of something that intrigues, delights, lifts my spirits.

  10. Since I can no longer use work as an excuse, my goal is to do some creative effort each day.

  11. My plan for the new year is to write a quotation in the special book I made two years ago in order to practice my calligraphy.

  12. I resolve to organise my crafting supplies better so I can finish all my UFOs before New Year’s Day 2016.

  13. Hi Lisa! My one goal for 2015 is to make 1 Christmas card every week to donate to a local nursing home in 2015. By the way hope you are feeling better real soon. Take care.

  14. My goal for 2015 is to finish scrapbooking both my fathers military career and his brothers (my Uncle) military career during WWII.

  15. This year, I want to challenge myself to use the materials/supplies I already have on hand for my art projects before going out and buying new materials/supplies.

  16. My goal is to push through creative roadblocks without worrying about perfection – just go with it!

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