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Each year, I ask readers of this blog to set some creative goals for the new year. And it’s time, once again, for me to bribe as many of you as possible to put your creative hopes and dreams for 2016 into writing—because writing them down makes them real.


How To Enter:

  • Leave a comment on this post, telling me what your creative goals will be. Decide to conquer a technique or medium, learn a new skill, or set aside more time for personal artwork, and put your decisions in writing. One comment per person, please, and your comment must be limited to goals for creative pursuits only.
  • On January 1st, I’ll close the comments on this post, and draw names from the list of people who have posted resolutions. Each name I draw will win a fat package of collage goodies from Ten Two Studios.

  • Here’s where it gets interesting: If 25 people leave comments, I’ll draw one name. 50 comments, two names. For every 25 comments, I’ll draw another name, and send another package of collage goodies. So, spread the word, because the more people who make resolutions, the more stuff I’ll give away. Post a link to this post on your blog, or email it to your favorite online art groups.

OK. Go!


  1. And, to start us off: I want to make time for art that is seen offline. I want to make an effort to enter local art shows in 2016—and I’m working on a piece right now for a show in February, so I’m already off to a good start!

  2. Since I have so many art supplies sitting quietly on the shelves, this year I give myself permission to bring them off the shelves and play! I have everything I need to enjoy my journey of creativity and exploration of techniques I may never come out of the studio. Well maybe just to do some laundry and fix a few meals…
    …and so is it written!

    Thanks Lisa!

  3. I want to honor my commitment to fill that sketchbook and make at least one drawing a day! AND…..continue to fill those art journals with joy, angst and lots of paint.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Well, where to start? I have a plethora of supplies and more on the way. (My Christmas present to myself). I have started to do more art and more styles of art. I have gotten into art journalling and mixed media which kinda feeds my must learn something new….. I have also picked up my watercolours and started playing My wish is to play some more in 2016…….. watch this space……

  5. First of all I have to stop buying new stuff next year and start using the huge amount of supplies I’ve collected over the years.
    And secondly I want to make a greater effort to take part in Artist Trading Card swaps and stamping challenges.

  6. My goal is to clean out and give to a local school supplies I have in access or no longer hold my interest. My art will be redifined to creating with individualized purpose.

  7. I want to make my writing more of a priority this coming year. No, I NEED to make my writing more of a priority this coming year. There’s a book I want to write, and if I don’t prioritize it, it’ll be yet another project that never happens. And I want to finish the Year of Altered Books class this time around. I need to nurture my creative side more because that’s what feeds my soul.

  8. For 2016 my goal is to make one book a week. Any size of book with any kind of binding or folds. Doesn’t have to be difficult. Doesn’t have to be filled with journaling or artwork. Just do it!

  9. My artistic goals going into the new year will be to definitely set aside more time for personal artwork every day.

  10. If writing it down makes is so, I want to exercise creativity every day of my year 2016 — be it clay, glass, paper, fibers, or anything in between — I will be 74 and have so much yet to do — thanks Lisa for all your wonderful inspiration and encouragement.

  11. My REAL goal is to MAKE TIME in my daily schedule to play with my card making dies and stamps. It seems I get tied up with other happenings too often.

  12. My creative art goal for 2016 is to complete at least one gluebook and one art journal while experimenting with all the images and techniques I have learned from your sites, Lisa. Making time for daily art will be a large part of that commitment for me.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration and wonderful images & collage sheets.

    May you all have a successful year in pursuing your creative goals.

  13. I would like to finish some of the beautiful projects that are languishing on my shelves and to make time to draw. I miss drawing very much but never make time for it!

  14. I want to make a photo album for my hubby. And not just ‘a photo album’, it will be THE photo album. My mother in law passed away recently, and I recovered a lot of photos from 50 years ago, including a lot of my husband’s childhood. So the album will contain them. But the special thing, aside of decorated pages, will be the covers which I intend to do entirely on macrame, including macrame-bezeled glass gems. I am brewing the design in my head, it will come out nice!

  15. I would like to experiment with new art techniques to include supplies that I’ve had on hand for a long time and never used.

  16. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to making art between working full time & going to grad school, so this year I resolve to learn “quickie” techniques – journaling by 5’s, 15 minute pages, etc. If I can streamline the process, I can make art in a limited time frame.

  17. My goal is to make time to work on art and to finish many projects that are not.
    And to do more journaling this next year.

  18. I’m in an art league whose leadership is trying to nudge us into being more professional. So hoping to learn about putting my work out there and actually selling something. Should focus on one aspect and give away the supplies for other crafts that I’ve accumulated but will probably never use.

  19. I have a new studio to work in. Yay! My Goals are to learn how to publish my own consumable books – journals or companion workbooks. I intend to make more min-albums this year. I have a ton of those saved to Pinterest to try. And play in my art journals more.

  20. I want to make more time for fibre art for myself and my family. I’ve been too focused on doing art (of all kinds) for a living, but I need to make time to do art-for-family and art-for-self. My daughter hinted — broadly! — that I’ve not made her a new jumper in over three years!

  21. I have GOT to clean out my stash piles! I’ve got all sorts of materials that I need to winnow out! Papers! Fabrics! Re-usables! Woods! Metals! Paints! Giltter! Adhesives! You name it, I’ve got a pile of it. My studio looks like a cyclone hit it, and it’s spilled over into the garage, threatening to avalanche onto my lawn mower and tools.

  22. I resolve to organize what projects I want to do, and then do them to completion. Fewer UFOs and more finished pieces is the goal.

  23. I intend to enter a piece of art, whether altered book or watercolor I don’t know, in the county fair this year…. so I have approximately 9 months before having to be ready!!

  24. Ok, ok, I can make a commitment…

    1. I will finish your Altered Book class, and actually complete challenges
    2. I will finish the altered books that I have started
    3. I will participate fully in at least 2 collaborative art projects this year
    4. I will figure out how to take better pictures of my art, where to post them, and actually share my work with others.

  25. I would like to learn more about patina on how to age metals and to use with other media. I create Steampunk Jewelry, and I love the altered media effect. I like to incorporate something unique in all of my jewelry that makes it unique. I would like to start selling my artwork on either Ebay or Etsy. I have donated several of my items to charitable auctions in hopes of getting my name out but haven’t been very successful.

  26. I hope my painting improves. This past year I had some good results using a Gelli plate on canvas and I would love to continue and advance this.

  27. I really need to organize my crafting books and supplies and purge a few items…but it so painful lol. I’m going to crochet and make more birthday gifts through the year. And start earlier on next years Christmas gifts.

  28. I am resolving to get back to my art journaling and to USE UP some of the art supplies I have accumulated that will go bad if I don’t use them soon. I am also a quilter so I am resolving to finish up three UFOs that are sitting in my sewing room. A little quilting and a little art EVERY DAY.

  29. I resolve to complete the Altered Books for a Year class. And, to sort through my art supplies and books; only keeping my favorites and giving away the rest.

  30. Dear Lisa, thank you for your wonderful blog and inspiration. I wish you a creative 2016! My creative goal for this year is to make more cards using my calligraphy, instead of just stamping.

  31. My resolution for 2016 is to work on styles of art which are new to me and outside my comfort zone. I have a more rigid, concrete style, and I really want to loosen up and have some fun with shapes, texture and color.

  32. for 2016-my creative goal is to be more focused. it feels like i have spent the past couple of years going in so many directions (which has been a good thing-helping me discover what i like, love, and what i’m not so crazy about) re-calculating-fine tuning-and yep…more focused on my creative journey in 2016 (and as always-be more/get more organized!) thanks for doing the giveaway lisa, writing this out makes it feel more doable <3

  33. In 2016 I want to start my own 365 days project: make one (mixed media) postcard a day and sell these in my Etsy Shop; every week a new set of seven cards.

  34. I want to continue to work in my wallpaper sample book glue book. I am loving it! And I want to name her since she is very dear to me. Very therapeutic. My goal is to make a file folder journal for my swaps and pen pal info. I also want to learn many new techniques for my mixed media. So many projects but very excited.

  35. Oh my! I am a very productive artist, but I have way too many interests going on in my fiber studio and my paint and paper studio. I need to feel fortunate to have so much space. Now I have to clean it up and toss and donate because I am feeling hemmed in which, negatively affects my creating process. After the big clean up, I resolve to narrow my interests and work with products I already possess! Whew!

  36. This is a great idea. I have a few resolutions I want to accomplish.
    First – finish the organization project already started in my studio. I’m 2/3 of the way done, but it was put on hold for the holidays.
    Second – I’ve become very interest in mixed media artwork and will start experimenting in the new year, especially with the gelli plate, Brusho watercolor pigment (I just received for Christmas),
    Third – learn how to cut my own rubber stamp designs. (I just received Julie Balzers’ book).
    Fourth – finish the pressed flower projects ommy ‘to do’ list.
    Fifth – make a website.
    I could keep going, but I think that’s a good start. I will be thrilled if I accomplish that much in the year ahead. Thanks for encouraging me to think about this.

  37. I will work hard to complete the Mixed Media Class and the Art Journaling Class. Hopefully, this year will be free of broken bones, surgery, and sickness. I will try to like my work and share it with another person. I also will thin out my supplies and donate, donate.

  38. My goal is to start making my own homemade journals and painting etc in them documenting positive quotes and ideas to help me with my depression and many surgeries on back and hips and knees I have been going through for 2 years since a headon car wreck (not my fault). I want to learn new techniques with mixed media and hopefully find some local classes that I can go to even tho I am now wheelchair bound. I want to keep so busy with art that it helps me with pain management and time filling hours. I want to be able to make my own rubber stamps and my own stencils and masks to use in art journals also. The list is endless now that I have set my mind to it and finally realize my life is NOT over!

  39. HI….my resolution is to set up an Etsy shop and participate in a few local craft shows. I like to work with all types of media and am very excited about this new endeavor. I hope to retire from a full time job in 2016 and should therefore have the time and energy to create. Thank you!

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