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In this class, we’ll be building a book from cardboard boxes, then collaging and coloring it using pastels and crayons. You’ll learn all sorts of simple techniques for creating interactive pages—things you can use in all your future altered book and art journal projects. I’ll teach you how I work the color into the pages, and how to use various media to achieve a look that’s completely unique, using a 29-page set of da Vinci-inspired images that's included with the class fee. In over four hours of 10-15 minute video lessons, you’ll watch me as I work through all the pages in the book, and see how I deal with the little problems that each day presents.

This is a self-paced class. Before registering, please read How Classes Work.

Here's a flip-through of the first sample book I made for this class:

Materials List
A complete materials list will be available on the classroom message board. Here are the basics:

  • Cardboard boxes. Enough to cut 7 letter-sized pages plus tabs.
  • Water soluble oil pastels and/or water soluble crayons. (I’ll describe these, and tell you where to get them for the best price, once you’re inside.)
  • White gesso.
  • Liquid matte medium and/or matte gel medium. (Again, I’ll describe these, and the pros and cons of each, once you’re inside.)

You’ll also need craft basics like a craft knife, a metal-edge ruler, cheap acrylic paints, etc.

About Pricing

This is a Pay What You Want class. The class is well worth $100, but I realize that is out of the question for many folks, so please pay what you can, according to your means. The minimum price to take this class is $20, but you can pay $20-$100, as you wish. Pay what you think the class that teaches you how to make a book, and gives you all the printables to do it, is worth. Think of anything you pay over $10 as encouragement to offer more classes this way.

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