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It’s been a while since I’ve done a swap here, so I’m happy to announce a new art journal page swap, in conjunction with the upcoming Art Journal Madness issue of Bad Influence.


What to Make

Please make three (3) to ten (10) 5×7 inch (127×178 mm) art journal pages.

This is an even swap, which means you make 3, and you get 3 in return. or you make 5, and get 5 in return, or you make 10, and get 10 in return (assuming we have 10 or more participants). Please do not send fewer than 3 pages, or more than 10.

Theme & Additional Requirements

The theme for this swap is Go Crazy.
Interpret that theme as you wish.

Portrait, not landscape!
Portrait, not landscape!
Please make sure your paper is cut to 5×7 inches, that the edges are straight and the corners are square (at a 90° angle).

Pages should be presented in portrait format (tall and narrow).

Artwork should appear on the front side of the page.

The back side of the page should not be blank, and should include your full name, so recipients know who made it.

Remember that binding of pages may take up to an inch of the left side of the page. Design your pages so nothing important will be eaten by binding.

Your page designs can all be the same, or different.

All pages must be original, handmade artwork. No copies or digital prints will be accepted.

Please refrain from using dimensional embellishments. Pages should be flat.

Please note: This swap is for ART JOURNAL PAGES ONLY.
These are not chunky pages, fat book pages, or scrapbook pages.

Art on the front. Name on the back.
Art on the front, name on the back.
 Art on the front, name on the back.
Art on the front, name on the back.

Mailing, Packaging & Postage

When your pages are finished, please put them into a flat, reusable manila envelope, and mail them, along with a release form, to the address that will be provided after you sign up.
Return postage is not required.

Please do not include excess packaging, bubble wrap, cardboard, or tape inside your package.

All incoming swap packages must be postmarked by July 15th.

Packages that are postmarked after July 15th, that contain pages that don’t conform to the 5×7 inch size guidelines, are designed to be viewed in landscape rather than portrait format, that arrive without a release form, or that arrive in poor condition will be returned unswapped.

How to Sign Up

Fill out and send the form below before Wednesday, July 1st. In return, you will receive a welcome email that includes the link to the required release form. You are also adding your name to an email list that will exist for the duration of this project, and will allow me to send you reminders as the deadline for mailing nears.

Sign ups are closed. The form has been removed.

Questions & Answers

Got questions? Leave a comment, and I’ll try to answer.

Do I mail to one person, or many people?
All pages are mailed to me, and I’ll repackage and remail them. The mailing info is in the document you’ll receive when you sign up.

What do I send for return postage?
In exchange for allowing me to consider your pages for publication in Bad Influence, I will pay the return postage.

Is this swap US only?
NO! This swap is open to anyone, no matter where you are in the world.

Packages Received

I’ve received swap packages from the following folks:

Trixie Smith
Susan Adamek
Lisa Jones
Rachel Mims
Jesse Warren
Carolyn Huber
Keisha Egbert
Teresa Low
Lee Hynes
Marilyn Hughes
Diane Trew
Nova Calverley-Chase
Colleen Baldree
Amy O’Brien
Maya Jansen-Beijn

Monica Longard (pages fused together in transit – discarded)
Janie Mims (no release form – returned)


  1. Lisa,
    I am fairly new to art journaling and look forward to participating in this swap, to get inspiration from other artists out there!
    I just want to clarify something in the requirements…it states “all pages must be original, handmade artwork”.
    I generally use collage in my journal pages – images and/or text from books or magazines. I draw/paint/embellish over them to make them “my own”, but the images are not really mine.
    Would this be allowed?

    1. Carol, what you’re describing sounds like what I do to create my own journal pages. As long as you’re not stopping at cut and paste, and are making the imagery your own, you’re good to go.

  2. Quick question – I know you said original artwork – can we use stamps on it though? As in stamps we bought that were designed by someone? Or does the entire thing have to be original?

  3. I am trying out a new (to me) technique for my pages right now . . . and am LOVING how they are turning out!
    I have a question about “The back side of the page should not be blank, and should include your full name, so recipients know who made it.” – do you mean the back should be blank EXCEPT for my name, or do you want some kind of colour/artwork on the back as well?
    And do we put just our name, or can we put our email and/or website as well?

      1. That’s why I wanted clarification – your example looks like it has artwork on both sides. The requirements say “Artwork should appear on the front side of the page.” But then it says the “back side should not be blank…”
        So you actually want artwork on BOTH sides, with JUST our name on the back, is that right?
        I don’t want to do it wrong, and not get to participate.

  4. Hi Lisa, just wondering what your preference is for paper thickness please?
    Cheers, Lisa

  5. Can you send me the welcome email again? My computer decided to delete it and I need the link to the paperwork I need to include and the address. Thanks!

  6. Hi there, I am getting ready to mail my envelope. I placed the 3 art journal pages inside a Manila envelope sized 9.5 by 6inches. Mailing from va. Do you know what is the postage rate for if? I want to avoid going to the post office if possible. Thanks for your advice!

    1. Teresa, packages are sent by weight, not size. Since I’m not a postal employee, I can’t really advise you about postage rates. Go to the post office.

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