The beginning of a new year is always a good time to think about what’s been working, and what I’d like to change here at Ten Two Studios. I usually do this behind the scenes, without much fanfare, but since I’m looking to shake things up a bit this year, I’m going to go ahead and post my thoughts.


Here’s what you can expect to see here at Ten Two Studios in 2014. Everything you’re about to read is subject to change without notice. Or reason. Or sense.

More classes. You seem to like classes, and I like putting them together, so this one is really a no-brainer. I tested pay what you want classes in 2013, and that also seems to work for all of us. Look for more of the pay what you want offers to pop up this year.

Fewer new collage images. I feel like the basic collage sheet market is so saturated right now that it’s just not worth my time to continue generating more. Collage sheets have always sort of been an add-on to my business idea, and not my main focus. Now that I’ve moved away from doing new vintage themes, it seems a good time to also move away from collage sheets.

More new printable kits. My main focus has always been teaching people how to make stuff. I like putting together printable kits with instructions, and those of you who are in places where I don’t ship kits by mail seem to appreciate them. So, I’m looking at developing some new printable kits this year.

More kits by mail. I didn’t do many kits by mail last year, because I wasn’t able to run around and buy pieces and parts while I was recovering physically and financially from my little medical disaster. We all love kits—but for me, they’re the most difficult things to put together, because they require a financial investment up front that I may not recoup if the kit doesn’t sell well. Still, I have lots of kit ideas written down, and a pile of pieces and parts I’ve stashed previously, so as the money allows, I’m going to start rolling those out. In fact, depending on the mail deliveries, there might be a new one ready as soon as next week.

Fewer blog posts and newsletters. In the past, I’ve aimed for eye candy blog posts every couple of days. Last year sort of blew that out of the water—and with my decrease in image sheets, and emphasis on specific classes and projects increases, there’s not really a lot the design team can do to help me with that. This blog will only see action when I have something new to announce. Likewise, I used to aim for sending out an email newsletter every week. Now, I’m going to aim for every other week.

More paper dolls. This is just for me. I like designing paper dolls, and there’s a small but mighty group of you who like them. I’m working on more hand-drawn sets, and extensions of the Betty and Raven/Ginger/Saffron collections.

A new Kickstarter project. I had so much fun, and learned so much, from doing last summer’s Bad Influence Kickstarter project. I’m planning another one for late spring or early summer. I just want to make sure I have a good rhythm going for the A Year of Altered Books class lessons before I had another big thing into the mix. Oh, and I have to settle on a theme, so if you have any input, speak up.

That’s all I can think of this morning, but I think that’s enough to get this year started. Any questions?


  1. I love your classes Lisa! You are a terrific teacher! When I figure out how to post a few pics, I will. So far I am up to “drybrushing” and today is my first day!

  2. Both of the kits I ordered are now sold out, but I wanted to let you & everyone know how much my daughter & I enjoyed the Bohemian Charm kit. We made them for two preteen relatives & thought they were just perfect. Still have the domino bracelets to make for ourselves & I’m sure we will enjoy them.

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