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I’ve been cranking out how-to books and zines for quite a while, and putting them up on Amazon. All 3 books and 11 zines are also available on Kindle.

I have a pile of extra copies that need new homes. Want to win an envelope stuffed with the six zines and books shown here? Leave a comment below, telling me what the theme or topic of my next book or zine should be. ONE TOPIC PER PERSON.

I’ll draw a name from all the comments that conform to the ONE TOPIC rule, and send that person a fat envelope filled with the six books and zines shown.

One entry per person. Drawing will take place before I go to bed on August 12th.

OK. Go!


  1. I’m not sure if you’ve done this before… I love origami projects that makes useful projects like purses, toys etc.

  2. Theme: Opening the Heart
    I just read the most remarkable book called Into the Magic Shop by James Doty.

    I love your work!

  3. The two copies I have are dog-eared from wear. Creative ideas and great art work. I’d love to own the whole set.

  4. I’m a big fan about artist biographies – How about Georgia O’Keeffe? She was a wild woman who lived on her own terms.

  5. Lost and Found. Focusing on the ephemera used in making altered books and creating new stories out of old ones.

  6. Topic worth considering: Women who blossomed creatively in their older years- How to be like them!

  7. I really enjoyed the postcards you did of the four women you admired. I’d love to see a series of zines done on women, of whom little is know but they have accomplished much. Such as Vivien Leigh – who played and extremelyimportant role in WWII and kept a large lab in her home – I of course can’t remember exactly what she did😄 – but considered herself a scientist. I am sure there are hundreds through history that were ignored or the credit for their work was given to their male counterpart
    Not only is your Art amazing and wonderful – you always make me think !!!

  8. I don’t remember whether you did anything with animals as the topic? Domestic animals, jungle, mythological? There are so many options!

  9. Please delete my animal answer, I’d like to see ‘Spirits’ the floating, hiding kind from faries, brownies, ghosts, angels – other worldly creatures.

  10. Personal cartography – learning to make art maps depicting one’s personal life journeys; struggles, successes, experiences, etc.

  11. I’ve got all of them on kindle and hard copy so no need to put me in the drawing! Activist art has been on my mind lately.

  12. WOW! So many others have ideas that I thought of…that is what I get for being on vacation for the last week!
    Many of the other ideas would be fine with me..circus, animals, faces, lost & found, our cluttered lives, magic/spirits….I am a water-baby, so how about a theme that has to do with the different types of water. (oceans, lakes, rivers, etc)

  13. Everyday Magic – rituals and ceremony – finding the special moments of ‘normal’ life

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