BasicAcrylicBackgroundsThe winner is…NADINE WONG.
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As some of you already know, I’ve started the tedious process of converting my how-to CDs to books. The first one, Basic Acrylic Backgrounds, is already done, and available for purchase on CreateSpace and Amazon, along with all my previous books and ‘zines.

I have a proof copy of Basic Acrylic Backgrounds that I would love to give away. Leave a comment below, telling me something good that’s going on in your world right now, and that will enter you in the drawing for this book. On April 1st, I’ll throw all the qualifying entries into a pile, and pick one.


Friday ETA: Honestly, folks, if you leave a comment that says “sign me up for the drawing”, that doesn’t qualify as telling me something good. It tells me you didn’t bother to read this post. And it makes me delete your comment, while mumbling something ugly under my breath…

Saturday ETA: I thought it would go without saying, but apparently it doesn’t: “I would love to win this book” is not telling me something good going on in your world, either. So far, I’ve deleted about a dozen of those…


  1. Am loving journaling! I’ve stockpiled lots of goodies and am so ready for summer break!

  2. Would love to be the proud owner of a not-so-perfect proof copy of your book on acrylic backgrounds! It’s FRIDAY and that’s a good thing!!

  3. I need a whole house to myself for all the stuff I have and want to have! Thanks for all your ideas and encouragement!

  4. Lisa, You asked for a comment on what’s going on in my life. I’ve had some life altering events in the last couple of years. Not able to concentrate in the studio; my creative juices were paralyzed. But over time and continued effort, I have returned ‘full on’. The ideas are flowing and the excitement to create is back. You are a generous soul for offering up yet another prize. Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. Just started journaling with the Documented Life Project and am becoming addicted 🙂 learning A LOT!!! thanks so much!!!

  6. I so love trying new things and sharing what I learn with my friends. Great give a way! Thanks.

  7. I just got a job that I’m really excited about! I’m looking forward to being back in the working world.

  8. Well, spring is finally here and that is a good thing going on so my studio can warm up and I can start playing with paint and stuff again instead of only working digitally on the computer since my art studio space is not heated. I can’t wait to play with paint again and I really think the book would inspire me. I want to do some more mixed media artworks. Also, the warmer weather means I can start going out on trail rides in the woods again as soon as the last of the ice is melted and the mud dries up and that is a great thing 🙂

  9. Well Lisa, my good news is that I don’t have colon cancer. I recently decided that I won’t let macular degeneration stop me from doing stuff that I want to do either. So I’m going to start a patchwork quilt. I’m still a novice when it comes to using acrylics so it would be marvellous to enter the drawing for your giveaway. xx

  10. I would love to win your book! I have shared your site, tips and techniques with so many people who say they are not creative and they are astonished at what they can do with a little guidance. I would live to learn more so I can teach more 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity and ideas Lisa.

  11. My 7 yo PDD-NOS/ADHD boy has finally shown some interest in sitting and drawing for more than 3 seconds. We now have an art hall wall full of drawings of spiders, monsters, witches and other scarey things, and he’s started writing their names near each one!!! Perhaps the time has finally arrived for me to be able to get back into my studio space (after 6 1/2 years) and actually create without having to put everything under lock and key so it’s not destroyed before completion. This is BIG BIG news in my little corner of the world.
    Rock on, Ms. Lisa – keep up the good word and the good work!!!

  12. Hi Lisa:

    The good news? I think it’s finally stopped snowing. I live just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba (go to North Dakota and look north….now look more north…)

    i love my country and i love winter….but enough is enough!


  13. I just graduated a 12 week job retraining class. At 55 I have gained confidence + knowledge to leap back into the job force after a 10 yr absence. I am looking forward to the challenge.! Winning a copy of your fabulous background book would be wonderful for my crafting relaxation mode. Thanks for the chance

  14. well, my world is kinda sad right now but on the bright side, I am seeing grandsons this weekend with soccer games and that makes everything wonderful for a while. Thanks for giving this away – I would love it.

  15. I am an empty nester who has always said that I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Ready to dismiss that negative comment from my life I am just starting an adventure in art journaling and creative techniques. I would cherish a copy of your book – I struggle with all types of paint meduims. Adding your book to my must have list – just in case I’m not the lucky person. Thanks for offering!

  16. Something good going on: I’m going to a (s)crapbooking fundraiser for a school orchestra tomorrow.

  17. Can’t wait to get the Mind Games e-mails. Got the best response ever on my altered book page last month in our group. Posted a list of things not to say about myself & my art. And my daughter is pregnant!
    So all good outweighs waiting for my breast biopsy results to come back.

  18. There is so many amazing things going on in my world. Next month my oldest daughter will be 18 and a high school graduate!! She is collegebound this fall to study architecture design and graphics! Proud momma!

  19. I just retired from Teaching for 33 years and I am enjoying my retirement. Now I have time to be creative.

  20. Here in VT it continues to snow! I am out exercising daily – going to Curves, walking 5 miles, or x – country skiing…
    Love your newsletter Lisa & pray that your health is well!
    1,000,000 thanks!

  21. Lots of good things going on in my life! After surviving the longest, coldest and snowiness winters up here in Maine, spring and the beauty of this state is about to bloom. Soooo looking forward to sitting on my porch!!! Also very excited about re-discovering art . I have learned so much from sites like yours. You have made me feel alive and excited to start creating. So many projects I want to try. That’s just a couple of good things going on in my life. Thank you Lisa for sharing your talent, creativity, and time with us.

  22. Something good, my pain is only a 6 on the scale of 1 – 10! Something good, I am taking a mixed media class and learning many new things.

  23. Recently, I finally got over an artistic “dry spell.” In two months, I only made 7 mail art postcards. In the past three days, though, I’ve made a whopping 11 postcards! I credit this rejuvenation to my idea to do a series. For the series, I’m making postcards while watching TV in the kitchen, rather than in my studio. Oh, and I’m using minimal supplies (mostly just collage bits and rubber stamps). So, anywho, I’ve been having fun with this series. Thank you for the chance to win your book. It looks fabulous! You rock!

  24. The telling of my latest good thing has to be preceded by a bad thing. Raccoons killed my two roosters, so my two hens had to leave their coop which was clearly no longer a safe place. I put them in a large sturdy cage on the deck just outside the dining room sliding doors where they lived for two weeks so they’d call it home. Yesterday, the warmest day so far after this bitterly cold winter, I let them out to roam even though I feared I’d have to hunt them down at the end of the day. Now for the good thing — they came back to their cage to roost last night! Yay! I’m very happy. Maybe this will turn out to be their new permanent home.

  25. Always wanted to do “artsy” things but have never thought of myself as creative. A friend has started teaching art classes for adults and I’m having lots of fun! Ideas rolling around and I’m liking what I’m making so far. Very excited about possibilities!

  26. Hi Lisa, My good thing is that I had a mild heart attack in early February, and yesterday’s check-up said that everything is looking good. I am going to use that scare as the basis for a new art journal, so would love to learn more techniques for working on backgrounds.

  27. Something exciting that is going on in my life is we are putting together some cedar bee hives and are anxiously awaiting our bee delivery. We started beekeeping last year and lost the hive to wax moths. hopefully this will be a better year for our beekeeping endeavor.

  28. A great thing going on is the book I’m reading…”Power Words” It is life changing!!!!!!! Oh, how I LOVE to read!!!!

  29. Well, Lisa. my son taught himself to ride a bike. I’m loving drawing on canvas and my 45th birthday is April 1st!

  30. Lisa, the good thing going on in my world is mental health. My step daughter who at 27 has been having issues for year including two week plus mental health inpatient visits has Ben working at the same place for 90 days. I see the light at the end of the tunnel for her. Fabulous news for her dad and I.

  31. Well just when I thought all the snow was ending, old man winter decided to throw some more our way. I don’t think its going to amount to much, but that just means one more day to spend in my craft room and one less day I have to go outside and clean up all the lovely little presents my doggies have left me in the yard burried under the snow.

  32. Hi, Lisa! I’m so happy to read that your Kickstarter campaign is fully funded for your next issue of Bad Influence! I’m still hoarding my postcard gifts from your last ‘zine, and I’ve enjoyed all the art work. More good news is that I’m caught up with watching all the videos from the Year of Altered Book class, and I have started three books. I’ve been tied up with coordinating the local Master Gardener training classes this year and am learning a lot more by sitting through all the lectures again. I’m looking forward to getting my hands into more paint and glue real soon — and not just into dirt. Wishing everyone a healthy, creative week ahead!

  33. Congratulations on finishing your book! The good thing that is going on in my life right now is doing some very much needed repairs on my house; a new roof on the garage, removing old wallpaper, and painting.

  34. I’ve started reading “I Am the Word” and *alot* of good things are happening. I feel calmer, more confident. My DH and I are going to buy/move to a new house and, although it will be tons of work and alot of time before we are “settled” (if ever!), I have a dream again. I’d love to be retired…lounging by the pool in the Summer and working in a brand new studio all year long!

  35. The beautiful bluebonnets are back in full glory after some skimpy seasons from the recent drought…and they just make my heart and my eyes and hands itch to do them justice in an altered book of My Favorite Things. Even the interstate highway south of metropolitan Austin is festooned with their color. Beautiful!

  36. What a thrill it would be to won your proof copy. I am in a stage of my life where I can spend several hours a week in my studio. I have decided to divest myself of my rubber stamp line, “The Queen ‘s Dresser Drawers” after a very successful 10year run. I am a member of a local art group that meets monthly with a wide variety of projects for either simple “show and tell” or a swap. It really keeps me creating, which I love. Thanks

  37. I’m starting a new site, Card Making Artists with my Bro! NOW….we are thinking of starting ANOTHER new site. Hopefully it will launch by the end of the year. This is good stuff because I’m a stay-at-home mom and I needed a job to get my boys through college. Partnering with my brother has been fun and exciting and I actually LOVE working. Okay, so there you have it. Purpose makes me happy. I AM NOT A WASTE OF TIME…haha!!

  38. Something good….my husband finally is working days after a year of overnights. So glad to have our lil family together again!

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