These sweet little Frida matchboxes are designed to hang on a wall. To make your shrines, you’ll need:

  • From Ten Two Studios, you’ll need a Frida Matchbox Shrine printable kit. It comes with the digital sheet shown in the video, plus step by step instructions with photos.
  • A printer, and good paper. I printed my sheet on 32lb. laser paper.
  • Lightweight chipboard.
  • Matchboxes. Get the small 32 count size from the dollar store, or any big box store.
  • A glue stick, and the liquid glue of your choice. I usually use quick drying white glue for chipboard, and E6000 for dimensional items.
  • Gesso, for priming the chipboard and matchboxes.
  • Found objects, like skull beads, tiny bottles, fabric scraps and such, to fill the shrine.
  • Sharp scissors and/or a sharp craft knife.
  • Sharpies. I used red, blue, yellow, pink and black for these shrines.
  • A scrap of ribbon, to make a hanging loop on the back.

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